Monday, August 23, 2010


I got up this morning and did what one always does... immediately went to the bathroom.  What a horror show when I looked in the mirror!  My hair which is best described as various shades of grey and white with some black walnut streaks... was standing up in a crazed loop over.  Sort of like a cross between this fellow:

Ed Grimley
and Willie in Free Willie when his fin dipped over.

Normally I do not look like o'l Ed.  I usually look more like Einstein in the morning, which does nothing to make me any smarter.

Below the Ed Grimley/ Free Willie hair do...
scary puffy eyes.   Think Kurt Vonnegut's eyes after a good hard bender.  Not just bags or even suitcases... steamer trunks!

Below those lovely-less items
the biggest grin.
Not so much because I looked so funny,
though it truly was laughable.
Nor was it because Boo is coming down to visit in a few hours, though that is reason enough to make me smile any day.

I should make you guess why I was grinning like an April Fool in August.
So here are two clues.
I've got Bette Midler singing in my head...
a particular song.
How about an equation; rhs=rhh.

Here is your mission:
Guess why I am walking on clouds
and what Bette Midler song is running through my brain today.
I've made it ridiculously easy, but you know
being very happy makes you a bit stupid, in a good way.

For once I DO like Mondays.
hee hee



  1. Tying the knot?

    I don't have a god knowledge of Bette Midler songs, so that is NO help to me - but it looks like a name change is in the offing.

  2. Sometimes I get a bit Einstein-ish in the morning too :-)
    Did you get your name back?!?!?!

  3. Really? Four of the six letters compute... Let me know. :-)

    Is it The Rose? Only one I can think of at the moment.

    I haven't had a bad hair day in years. Don't miss 'em.

  4. secret agent woman-- You guessed it!
    Randy asked me to marry him last night. Very cool beans.

  5. laura b.-- A good guess, but wrong. I'm getting a whole new one that isn't a nightmare to spell. Oh and the great fella who goes with it!

  6. Cricket-- I knew you would get it.

    Nope wrong song. But at least you knew one of hers. I am so old sometimes.;-)

    Hahahaha... about not missing the hair. Randy doesn't miss his either.
    And hey, I think that looks sexy.

  7. billy pilgrim-- Ha! There you are! Yay!

    Sorry, no pup yet. We are being careful with money until we get jobs. Until then, my pup is on the back burner. Darn it!

    However, while selecting possible female pups name, I brought up the idea that I would like to use Ruby's.
    With her permission of course. Do you think that Ruby would like a name-sake?

  8. All-- The song was "Going to the Chapel". Big grins everyone.

  9. Wow! Congratulations to you both. I was spoiled when I read the comments so I won't bother guessing, but it is still good news. Yay!

  10. BTW Martin Short's wife just died. Weird coincidence that you would use his photo for this uplifting post.

  11. Cube-- Thanks. I'm pretty happy about it.

    That's so sad to hear about Martin Short's wife. But then, I guess it serves to remind us how precious our partners are to us and how fragile that connection can be.

    I really like Martin Short. Ed Grimley was a hoot.

  12. Congratulations, Ananda Girl! That is such joyous news :-)

  13. Aw, I came back here to check and see if I had guessed correctly. And I did! I'm so very, very happy for you!

  14. Well I read the comments so I didn't need to guess. Congrats on getting engaged. That is awesome. Way to go and best of luck.

  15. I like Short's work, but more as him being Martin Short, as opposed to the specific characters he made up.

  16. secret agent woman- Thanks! I knew you would get it too. Life is not perfect for us, but its still very, very sweet!

  17. laura b.-- Thanks! It is indeed a great joy to me. Er... us!

  18. Mr.Shife-- Well I know from your posts that you appreciate how wonderful it is to have someone like your Mrs. in your life!

    Thanks Shife. We are blessed, you and I and anyone else who is happily connected.

  19. dmarks-- I enjoy Martin Short in various forms, but I do agree, that he is at his best in a role that is not a character.

    I loved that movie he was in with Nick Notlte where Martin tried to rob a bank and Nolte was blamed... with the cutie little girl, Short's daughter, that Nolte's rough character could not resist loving.

  20. Congratulations! Sorry I have been absent, but this is indeed some great news. I think I would have guessed considering that as a Facebook friend, I know your initials (two of them at least). Still, it's great news and I congratulate you.

  21. AlienCG-- Thanks! No doubt you would have. I've been off line for a bit again. Grumble, so I've been absent too. No worries. I know you're out there.