Friday, August 6, 2010


Here's another shot of the Cuthbert and all the folks on the lawn behind the formal seating.

This is a quickie... I have some household duties to do... dishes, as in put away... laundry... and generally getting the house locked up so that it is clean and welcoming upon our return.
We're off down the road about 150 miles to attend the Douglas County Fair.
I can't wait to smell the cotton candy and eat a corn dog smothered in mustard.
I get to see the animals... sheep, pigs, rabbits, calves... you name it, I bet we'll find one there.
Randy wants to find a snake hat band.  No doubt there will be crafts.
But my favorite part will be people watching.

Or at least until that evening when we get to see 
The Scorpions.

When I first agreed to this committed relationship
several months back, Randy bought the reserved seats for us.  The tickets were on sale for only about half an hour before all the reserved seats were sold out.  We got lucky.
Randy, who is a good photographer is taking his 35mm.  Maybe this time we can see their faces in the pics.  I'll have my own to record closer sights.
We are traveling in a group this time.  Friends, T and K and their boy, TJ, plus D and 2D and the latter's girlfriend that everyone calls "the bitch".
I have not met her yet, but have been forewarned.
We'll see what happens when one spoiled brat has to deal with another.  hee hee
Don't worry, I'll behave.

So all of you... have a safe and wonderful weekend.
What are you doing anyway?


  1. Oh how fun. I love adventures. Make sure you post the pics.

  2. Churlita-- I love adventures too! I sure will post pics. We are just walking out the door now. YAY! YAY!

  3. Heh, heh... ain't that the way? When a good friend of mine finally broke up with his girlfriend we all practically had a party just for that. Yay!

    I'm sure the Scorpions still rock. Been to a couple of county fairs this year myself, I do love the smell of the fried dough and all. Not too sure about mustard on a corn dog... I like 'em as-is, myself. Mustard/relish/onion on a regular one, or maybe mustard and kraut, but I think a corn dog is perfect the way it is.

    Over here in RI, they sell "New York System Weiners", which have nothing to do with New York - you can only get 'em here. Mustard, onion, and this weird meat sauce - kind of like a chili dog but sweeter - "Coffee milk, large fry, and three all th'way on the fly."

    That's how they do it in the Biggest Little.

  4. So effin' jealous of your weekend. When I was a kid one of the bands I always wanted to see live was The Scorpions. Have an awesome time and look forward to the pictures.

  5. sounds like a fun time to be had and the cuthbert sounds really like a very cool place.

  6. Saw The Scorpions a couple of years ago. Good show.

    Hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was softballistic.

  7. Cricket-- Yeah, it was one of those deals where everyone said "I'm not sitting by her!"

    The Scorpions were amazing! Great show, tons of people. Wonderful solos. Hugely entertaining and they sounded just like a recording quality. We got to hear some of their new CD stuff too.

    We wanted a corn dog. They were near impossible to find!

  8. Shife-- I did indeed get photos to share! Look for them sometime later on Monday (today). It was the best concert I have seen in a long time.
    Very worth the trip.

  9. lime-- The Cuthbert was the perfect setting for a cozy event. I loved those ducks flying across the sky.

  10. Suldog-- Softballistic! Now I'm jealous.

  11. Food AND animals... my favorite parts of the fair as well. Tough about the corndogs, though, but at least you got to enjoy a good concert.

  12. Cube-- Yep. We didn't get to see the animals either. :-( But we are going to our local fair this weekend so that I can. :-)

    We were with friends who have a child and we basically spent our time making sure the boy saw and did what he wanted to do. We were happy with that. He's a great kid and we had a lot of fun.

  13. I am a HUGE fan of cotton candy. It's really the man thing I like about fairs!

  14. Sounds like a great weekend. You guys are fun :-)