Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Easily the best concert that I have been to in a very long time!

This is The Scorpions at the Douglas County Fair in Roseberg, Oregon.  That huge screen behind showed them up close, as well as scenes and even clips from Scorpion videos to match the music selections playing.

The sound quality was wonderful where we were in reserved seating, but distorted a bit if you were off to the side in the free area... where the beer venders flanked the side.
But hey... you have to get a beer.

Very cool beans.
Can they still sing and perform?
You bet they can!
There were some amazing solos... especially the drummer's.

The platform that the drums sat on could rise way up or lower down.  I wish I had not been so enthralled by his performance that I stopped taking photos and missed the chance to capture him, standing like King Kong, arms raised and sticks up in the air, roaring at the end.  It was something to see.
I do not have the words to do it justice.
Rock you like a hurricane?
Oh yeah.
But there were other sights to see at the fair as well.
Like this guy who talked to us and begged me to take his photo.


I believe he said his name was Seamore.
He appeared to act independently, but was controlled by a man who casually pretended to be part of the crowd while talking into his drink straw.
That little dude behind was suspicious of him and I could not really coax him out to take a better photo.
Cute kid.  That's his mom and aunt.
We never made it to see the animals.
Or to look for the hat band that Randy wanted.
No matter.  We are going to our own county fair this weekend.  I can see the animals there.

My favorite Scorpions song is The Zoo,
people watcher that I am.
An appropriate sound track to one of the greatest "people zoos".
You should have seen the variety!
There were two women in our beer line who were so tightly stuffed into their skimpy dresses
that their boobs were exploding out the top.
We women were laughing at the response of the men that they passed.
Guess who sat right in front of us?
During the concert, when the big screen scanned the crowds, another woman bared her breasts.
The first time, Randy was not looking up, talking to a neighbor.  I gave him a sharp elbow and told him that he'd missed them.
He said "Well did you at least get a picture of them?"
"Too bad, so sad."  I said... an old familiar Ananda School phrase.
I think he thought I was joking, but she proved that I was no liar.
Of course he said the right thing after...
sometimes it's okay to lie.
I said "Good man!"

All in all, it was a fun weekend.  After the concert let out, we were all done in.  We made a short bathroom stop, then headed up a road toward the gate as the Scorpions passed us... close enough to reach out and touch the bus.
A sheriff yelled 
"Get back off the road or you're going to jail!"
Doesn't that sound a bit harsh?

The motel that we stayed in was right across the street from a shuttle bus...
a team of local school buses.
So which one did we ride?


The cool bus of course!
(sorry for the poor photo... hard to see in the dark)

Now we are home again.
Back at the grind of looking for employment.
I spent a grueling day yesterday on line, filling out a monster bitch of an application.
Three hours of frustration for a job I don't really want.  But work is work.
Gotta pay the bills.

Today we are taking a field trip to put in applications, visit the employment office because their site has been malfunctioning, see a lawyer and maybe, if all works right...
surprise his mom with a visit.
Time NOT applying is required before our brains blow out all together.

Hope you all have fun in your own zoos.

(I wanted to put in a video of Scorpions doing 
The Zoo... but Youtube is not cooperating.)
That's all folks! 


  1. Hey, I've been wondering where you've been. Good luck with the job hunt. Still praying you get one you want, though.

    My zoo is empty at the moment. All the animals escaped except me. I'm home doing some repairs/renovations &c. It certainly goes faster that way.

    Whyizzit so easy to miss the boys when they're not here, yet five minutes after they come home, they're fighting, I'm yelling and wishing them back at their grandmother's. I know, it's a phase, but still.

    I guess I just miss the good stuff ;-)

  2. p.s. - love the "cool bus." Kind of has that Furthur vibe...

  3. Cricket-- It was while my parents were trying to do renovations that I managed to crack my head wide open. Good thing your zoo is empty but for you. ;-)

    I know... I could not wait to be free of Dumb Potter's Hell, but I miss my kids like crazy.

    Thanks for the prayers... keep it up, please.

    I just got a kick out of finding a new use for duct tape and the amusement of it. Furthur-ish, it was. There were all kinds on that bus.

  4. Ananda!~ I too will pray that you get the perfect job. And your man, too! Work that you hate going to ain't work - it's hell!

    I am so glad you had a great outing! I love people watching, too. In a few months I'm gonna go back to Hardly Strictly and people watch.

    Love you, kiddo!

  5. Our employment office was closed. But, if I remember correctly, when it was last open it was mainly just a bunch of computers for people who didn't have them to log on to the website. So going to the office may not help, if the website is really not working at all, they may not be able to do anything for you.

    What is this job that you don't really want that takes up so much of your time? Is it now to late to get a school job?

    And what do you need a lawyer for?

    Good luck with all of that. I'm back to sorting through boxes and such.

  6. Glad you had such a good time. As I said yesterday, The Scorpions put on a very good show when I saw them.

  7. Wow, that sounds like a really great show! I'm so glad you guys had a good time and got a rest from thinking about applications and such.

    Continuing to send good thoughts your way on the job hunt.

  8. C4C-- Thanks! We need all the help we can get.

    People watching is so much fun. Remember being on the balcony at the Jackson Hotel and watching the night life below? Good times baby!

  9. laughing-- Good point about the employment office. Randy was sick with some stomach bug, so we did not end up going. We will see this afternoon if it helps or not.

    The job was to be a grocery checker... I have many years of experience in retail and 5 of that as a checker. Not my favorite job, but it pays the bills.

    The lawyer is a labor lawyer. His former employer did not pay him for all the hours he had worked.

  10. Suldog-- Yep, they did. Well worth the ticket cost. BTW they have a new album... great stuff!

  11. laura b.-- Thanks. Sadly, it seems that Randy caught the crud that you and KenV had. Ick!

  12. Glad you and Randy had a nice break from the job hunting slog.

  13. I hope you are all feeling better and employed in the next week. I know how badly that can suck. At least you guys had fun at the concert.

  14. glad to know that the tension was dispelled in a playful manner. must have felt good to get through that awkwardness. so glad the party was such a nice time.

    i was a complete sloth in saturday but so needed it. sunday was cleaning and laundry.