Saturday, August 21, 2010


Just a brief update... yeah right... 
as if I am ever very brief!  Ha.
But really, I will try to be.
Lots of stuff on the agenda today.

The man is napping, so I have a few minutes to spare after doing the usual housework.
I still have several quarts of blackberries to bag up to freeze, a batch of freezer jam to make and a field trip to a yard sale for tools...
or should I say man toys?

It was a busy week ending with my first job interview yesterday. ICK.
Not my pick out of the jobs that I have applied for.
In fact, it would be my last choice since it's only 
3.5 hours a day.
That would require me to get a second job.
If I was not a public employee, I could get partial unemployment until it ran out and buy myself time to find the perfect job.
But I am and as a public employee we are not allowed to get any unemployment unless we are totally and completely unemployed.
Double grumble.
But at least it would be some income, so I am not turning my nose up to it and even if I get it and have to bag groceries or something in the meantime, I will continue to look for the perfect job until I find it.

The interview was not as bad as I imagined.
I even wore a dress.
I have not worn a dress in recent memory.
My interviewer and I had the same name.
They gave me a sheet with the questions on it so that I could read along.
I found that odd and distracting, so I ignored it and listened instead.
Is it me or is that weird?

The worst question was this:
If you disagreed with a teacher's disciplinary actions toward a student, how would you handle it?

This is a very dangerous question.
I was told years ago when I first began to work in the school system that I should never, never go against a teacher... that it is employment suicide.

Of course I did that once... ironically to the teacher who gave me the above warning.
The result was years of that teacher questioning and complaining about every thing I did.
She even managed to get a meeting together of other staff and the principal at the time to try and get me fired.  Fun times.
Of course it did not work.  I had too much support from other teachers.

So my answer was quickly and carefully worded.
I would wait until I had time alone with the teacher to ask her to explain her/ his reasoning...
they are after all, my supervisors and I accept the possibility that I might not understand the situation.  I would express my feelings tactfully and listen to what she had to say.  If I was still feeling that the action was not correct, I would then take it to another supervisor and abide by that decision.
But personally, the student comes first and I could not in good conscience ignore the circumstances.

I probably blew it with that one question.
After all, even the top folk in education have been teachers.  
Employment suicide by honesty!
Oh well.

Okay, so it goes with my interview.
But at least I picked up two applications for other jobs with more hours when I was finished.

Still looking for the silver linings.

One last word or two before I bag up berries and take off to man's toy land...

See those two up there?  That's Boo and Sukey.
I got a text from Boo this morning...
Boo, his new girl friend and possibly Nick are going to visit us on Monday.
I feel a BBQ coming on.

Other than that, no big plan for the weekend
other than replacing a leaking toilet ring.
Will the fun never end?

Happy weekend everyone.
Are you doing chores, taking it easy or going to somewhere fun?
Or perhaps a mix like mine?
Whatever you do, be safe and look for the silver lining in everything you do.
Life is still sweetest when you see what you have and are thankful.


  1. Heh, heh... at least somebody's still out there. And I've been uncharacteristically prolific this week too. Oh, well.

    That's not a bad answer to that question, I think. Well, still pulling for something you actually want.

    When I've been asked similar questions, I usually ask for more specifics. I was once asked how I would motivate a youth group. I said I couldn't answer that. Describe the kids, the parish, the community, and then I could. It makes a big difference. Same with that situation... what exactly are we talking about, here?

    I didn't particularly want, neither was I offered, that position. I don't have much of the "camp counselor" personality. But I don't think my answer to that question was a bad one.

  2. Sounds like an excellent answer to me! In fact, I was asked a similar one in which I answered it depends on the personality of the child, his IEP directives and the limitations of the circumstance. Sheesh! As if there are concrete answers to this sort of thing.

    I am trying to be out here, but with so much going on... I guess that everyone is getting all their last gasp vacations and school shopping etc in line.

    I enjoyed your post very much today. Anyone reading... go check it out! Important topic I think.

  3. I'm glad to hear you're getting nibbles at least. I had no idea about government employees not being eligible for partial unemployment. That kinda sucks.

    As for your answer, hopefully the interviewer knows that question is loaded. Sounds like a canned interview anyway. Good answer on your part though.

    And if you need someone to unload some of those blackberries on, I'm ready and able!

  4. KenV-- Man, I have made blackberry cobblers, pies, muffins... freezer jam, you name it! What would you like? I think my email is on here, but maybe not. Let me know. I love, love to cook and bake for people. Makes me happy!

    Yeah, canned is right! Thanks KenV.

  5. Uh oh that girl grips the bottle just like auntie did, thankfully its only root beer. She is the cutest little girl ever! Hope you guys have a good visit, wish I could be there too. :(

  6. Sounds to me like you gave a good answer to the interviewer's loaded question. Sending good job finding vibes your way just in case it doesn't work out. Half a job is better than no job.

    In the meantime, enjoy your family, the blueberries, and the impending BBQ.

  7. Interviews are always tough and sometimes they do give you those very loaded questions. I really think you answered very well. Continue to send good thoughts your way for jobs that you and the man deserve :-)
    Where did all the blackberries come from? I've never made my own it hard?

  8. dabear-- I used to love the way that people thought Sukey belonged to you and not her mom. ;-)

    I wish you could come visit too. :-(
    Don't wait too long... school will start soon. Hopefully for both of us.

  9. Cube-- I do agree, half a job is better than none! Especially in this economy.

    It's been almost 35 years since I briefly drew unemployment. I really don't want to do that either.

  10. laura b.-- Funny thing about those blackberries. I fought a big war with them last spring, hacking them down and ripping out what I could in the back yard. Meanwhile, they exploded in legions in the front yard along the fence line. The vines are almost twice as tall as me before they curve down to run along the ground.

    But our friend, T has masses of them where he works. He has already brought me at least 5 gallons!

    Blackberry freezer jam is very very easy to make. You need berries, sugar, water and pectin. I like that you can use margarine tubs instead of jars. I don't can. I don't know how to can. :-)

  11. I think that was a very diplomatic answer. And you do, after all, have an obligation to follow your conscience.

  12. Oh, how I wish blackberries grew down here like they do up there! But I'd feel a little stressed to make jam, pies, etc etc. But I wouldn't mind that stress, really.

    Freezer jam is great. I gotta do that. I *had* to use up all my strawberry freezer jam before I moved. Yum. I tried making canned jam and it all got moldy.

    And, you gotta be honest and true to yourself. Good for you. Crossing fingers even for a part time job.

  13. Good luck on the job hunt. any school would be lucky to have you.