Monday, August 16, 2010


What a giggle!

It doesn't seem to matter if I am working or not...
weekends are still my favorite days in the week.
Ours was pretty packed.
Saturday, I had a shopping trip with Randy's mom and then the four of us grilled steak and veggies topped off by baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter.  

I will admit one thing... I am not a shopper.
I am a consumer.  I go and get what I want and only what I am looking for, then I go home.
I went for the company, which I did enjoy.

Sunday was Randy's grandson's birthday party.

I love how the kids all get closer and closer as the presents are opened.
Typical of kids birthday parties... in the park, pizza, balloons, badmitten, laughing and running around.
It was almost 100 degrees, so we stuck to the shade for the most part.

All of Randy's family showed up, with the exception of his mom and step dad, who had left that morning for a cruise to Alaska.
Lucky ducks!
There were also friends.
And Randy's ex.


I do admit that I was nervous about meeting the ex.
Curious, but nervous.  I am older than she is, heck!
I'm older than Randy.
But I do pretend to be an adult and believe that in order to function as a family, we have to be able to get along.

It's fair to say that we ignored each other for the first hour or two.  Absolutely no one introduced us.
In retrospect, I think that was wise.  We each got to scope each other out in comfort.  Me behind my dark glasses for protection.  She probably did not give a rat's ass.  I obsess over things like this.

I think the ice breaker came when Randy made a joke about his daughter's butt being wide when she bent over to get something.
I smacked him in the arm and told him to stop that.
His ex says "Hit him again!"

After that, you could feel everyone relax.
I was glad that it was over and done with...
being the great chicken that I am, who avoids confrontation like the plague.
I did truly enjoy the day.

Why the big deal?
Well, from conversations with his kids, we knew that she was not happy about my moving in, though they had been divorced for a long time.
Not so much about Randy, more about the house.
Everyone has their hang-ups.
I can understand that.

The  party ended after a long afternoon but we moved it to T's house.
Yep... BBQ.
T's version of steak and turf.
Grilled trout, steak, homemade pork tamalies,
grilled veggies and a wonderful salad grown in their own garden.

We got home late and slept like logs.
Today... back to the grind of looking for work.

What did all of you do with your weekend?


  1. I think all three of you handled the ex situation well. It's way better to chill and let things happen at their own speed.

    The menu at T's house sounded super yummy to me, especially the homemade pork tamales. My mom used to make those. I haven't had one in years.

    My weekend was quiet until Sunday when Mr. Cube decided to make a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin. The bacon is basket-weaved onto the meat. Doesn't that sound crazy to you? The more I called it a heart attack on a platter, the more he was hell bent on doing it. Men!!!!!

  2. Cube-- I thought so too. Later at T's she showed up to pick up exhausted grand kids so that their mom could stay. As it turned out, I had the opportunity to see T's wife, K's skydiving video.

    Randy and his ex were able to have some valuable conversation about their youngest while I was busy inside watching the insane video. We all felt pretty good about that,

    Oh the tamalies! The pork was in a red sauce but there were chicken ones in a green sauce too. I didn't have enough room to try both. But I am now determined to learn how to make them.

    Now that sounds like a fantastic if deadly meal.

  3. The bacon covered tenderloin turned out good, but we don't need all that fat. Mr. Cube was so proud of his basket-weaving handiwork, he had me take a picture of it.

    BTW the last pork tenderloin I made was tasty and juicy without slathering it with bacon.

  4. "She probably did not give a rat's ass." Ha! Likely so, but who wouldn't fret at least a little? And good for her for breaking the ice like that. It's a healthy and civilized thing for the exes and currents to be able to get along if at all possible.

  5. Cube-- I bet yours was. Mr Cube is funny! A friend of mine used to cook it in a cranberry and marmalade sauce. It's a fairly lean piece without the bacon basket, if I'm not mistaken.

  6. secret agent woman-- I agree and I was glad she did. It will make family life much more enjoyable without having worries about petty behaviors.

  7. Glad it turned to be out ok. Usually smacking the guy brings any woman closer.

  8. Congratulations on jumping a major hurdle! The initial meeting like that has got to be the most fraught, because of the you all know :-)
    Sounds like a great weekend, Ananada. Good food, good times. My weekend was very busy with family stuff too. Fun, but not restful.

  9. NoRegrets-- hahahaha! Yep. I am relieved too. Big chicken that I am.

  10. laura b.-- I hear you on the fun but not restful! Yesterday we were beat.
    Family is a wonderful thing. Big grins. Glad you got to enjoy yours too.

  11. I do pretend to be an adult...

    Don't we all. If only the kids knew what's really going through my head when I'm being all "Dad" and stuff...

    I had a pleasant weekend, a slow one, wherein I discovered the meaning of life, the universe, and everything ;-)

    Really, sort of.

  12. That was tricky. I'm glad you got through it. I know a lot of people who get divorced and are more upset about another woman in their house, but not with their man. I totally get that.

  13. Pork tenderloin is VERY lean. Why in the world would you basketweave 2 1/2 pounds of bacon all over it? It's insanity, but Mr. Cube just pooh-poohed all of my complaints. Men!

    Furthermore, I just found out today that the first Bucs pre-season game is going to be blacked out. Arrrggggh! I'm not a happy polyhedron.

  14. Cricket-- Ah, my sort of grasshopper
    type friend, you grow wiser every day.

  15. Churlita-- The funny thing is that they had a totally different house.
    But I do get it. When it finally dawned on me that I had to divorce or go insane, there was a kind of lingering anger about how I had my life plan set up... have my home paid off by retirement,his pension and mine would make life easy street,etc. It all goes up in a poof of smoke. Easy street to poverty in a heartbeat. She no longer has a home of her own. You do lose more than the man and they are important things.

  16. Cube-- Mr Cube makes me laugh though. Men indeed!

    I'm sorry about your Bucs game. That would disturb me too. Right now I am caught up in watching Ducks in training. I can't believe that I missed the Red Sox vs the Yankees, but I did. I could have kicked myself.

  17. You wouldn't think Mr. Cube was funny if you were subjected to his stale jokes... OK, maybe you would. He can be quite charming if you haven't heard the same jokes for 28 years as I have...OY!

    I think men are men and we either love them or live without them.

    As far as football goes, I'm livid that this game isn't going to be broacast on TV. I'm fit to be tied. This is awful. Arrrgggh.