Friday, June 3, 2011


Now that the weather is agreeable and the yard is in order
except for maintaining it,
we are ready to do most of our living on the patio.
Recently while playing a game of 10,000 on the patio at night,
the issue came up of kee
ping the light on.
We have a motion sensor light that is nice and bright.
But it seems we don't move enough for it to stay on.

We have another porch light out there too, but
when Randy tried to put a new bulb in it,

we discovered that the old bulb must have been too much wattage.
The bulb had fused with the plastic "glass" in the carriage style shade.
The pane was warped and the bulb seating was s
in the screw in thingie.

So off we set on a trek to the Emerald City
to this place...

Where you can find everything people discard...

including the kitchen sinks!

We rooted around for light fixtures and found tons of indoor fixtures
but no outdoor ones.
Its like that at "planet improvement centers".
Its sort of hit and miss.

Speaking of hits... this LP record siding was a hoot!

I also liked their creative method of decorating a plain concrete block wall.
But the garden at the top was my favorite area.
Used plants and the tuba made me smile.
Here's a bit more of the garden...

I've always liked that saw about one man's trash
is another man's treasure.
Here's the proof!

We never found a fixture that we liked. We'll go back again another day.
Places like this get my creativity perking.
I'd recently gotten an itch to make a mosaic for the back yard.
I saw lots of things that I could work into it here.
But things at Bring are not always cheap.
There is a cost to improving the world.

And T told me of a place in the Emerald City where artists
have gathered all sorts of stuff to use to make, well anything you want to make...sculptures, mosaics, wall art, garden art...
whatever your imagination sets flying!

Its open to everyone and a favorite place for teachers to take classes.
You can leave the mess there!
Or take supplies.
My understanding is that this is free
and as we all know, free is a great price!
I'm going to get directions and check it out.
I'll let you know what I find...
but if nothing else, its an adventure!

Tell us about your recent adventures.
Do you like to explore new places?
Get physical?
Exercise your creativity?
What the heck are you up to these days?


  1. Actually, that was planted as a french horn back in 1973. Careful watering and pruning has resulted in its tuba-like size.

  2. dmarks- Ha ha ha! Wish I'd thought of that explanation.

    I love the tuba museum. Very whimsical humor there. Love the Sousaphone fountain and my favorite... the steam rolled tuba tribute to all those tubas that did not survive school band. Great site! Big grins.

  3. That place looks wonderful! I can see why you'd be inspired.
    I wish I had something exciting to share, but my life seems to be in a rut at the moment. I need to do something to break out of it, but I'm not sure what...

  4. laura b.- I had fun looking around.

    Something will come up. Summer is almost on top of us now and when summer arrives lots of things pop up.

  5. Awww... I loved that tuba too. I was hoping that was a photo of your backyard for a bit.

    Believe it or not, I played the tuba in HS. Though guitar is my main thing, I always played bass in school bands, and the HS music director decreed that all bass players would play tuba, mostly so he didn't have to teach anyone to read bass clef.

    My latest adventures have involved baseballs, children, and dentists. Hoping for something a little more fun soon.

  6. Cricket- I would love to have a back yard garden like that. Maybe given enough time (and a careless tuba player who loses his tuba).

    Ha! Clever teacher.

    "Baseballs, children and dentists" sounds so bad!
    I hope you and your guys have much more fun soon!

  7. used stuff has karma. shit, it might not even be made in china.

  8. that place looks like fun to visit. the tuba is super groovy.

    me? i'm just trying to get everyone through the end of the school year and hang in there until i can escape in july.

  9. I love places like that. Habitat ReStore is my place. I don't have a house now, so no reason to go, alas. But there's still thrift stores!

  10. First of all, many congratulations. I was off the net for a week or so, so I missed th wedding post.

    And what a cool place - my kids would love explorign there.

  11. billy pilgrim- I agree ab out the Karma in things.
    Is anything NOT made in China anymore? Sheesh!

  12. lime-- Yikes! This is my first school year not worrying ab out getting thru to the end of school and I haven't even thought about it. How funny!

  13. NoRegrets- Me too and yard sales and thrift stores. I love searching for treasures.

  14. SecretAgentWoman- Yay! Glad to see you. No worries... I fell off the blog plane for a time. So much to get done. Too much to think about. Thanks for the congratulations.
    Kind of funny, I was thinking about your musical boys when I was looking at the tuba. :)