Thursday, June 9, 2011


Warning! Blogger is being a deevil today and doing
deevilish things to my blog.
You may have to scroll way down to finish reading this!

What a beautiful day!
Spring has finally sprung in Oregon.
Its a perfect day for walking in the hills or fishing...
or visiting with the chicken next door.
I'd love to have a chicken, but Roxy would not.
I couldn't do that to a chicken.

Yesterday I had an interview.
I think it went well enough. I didn't sense the feeling that I'd never hear from them again, like I sometimes d
It lasted all of about 5 minutes... which doesn't sou
nd good.
However, the guy was nice and asked good questions...
as in questions that I think I fielded well.
I'd already had a phone interview, a meeting to learn about the company policies, its history and watched a lovely video.
What else was there left to cover in an int
I imagine they just wanted to sneak a peak and see what my personality was like more than anything.

I left the interview happy.
I think my last words to the interviewer
"Thank you for the opportunity. Now I think I'm goi
ng to go and buy a plant."
Out of context, it sounds kind of lame.

I did too... buy the plant that is.
When I returned home, this is what I found...

No, its not new. On the contrary, its a dated instrument.
But what it is, is an outdoor office that Randy set up to surprise me.
Last year when I moved down, I set Hal, my computer, up out on the patio. I have a thing about being outside.
However, cold weather drove Hal and myself insi
I set up shop in Randy's office.

We were playing 10,000 (a dice game) the other evening and I mentioned that I missed having Hal on the patio
but it is such a hassle to move Hal with all his various parts,
and promptly forgot the idea with the next
roll of the dice.

What a thoughtful and lovely surprise!
What a sweetheart!

So here I sit... on this beautiful day
radio in the background...
with the sun shining and the wonderful s
mell of 'toonies
and pansies wafting in the air.
The type of day where all things are availab
le and possible.

Obviously I have nothing of importance to talk about...
but some days that's kind of nice t

Here's a few oddball thoughts:

Delta Air is in the poo can... they have been charging returning soldiers $200 a bag over the 3 bag limit to get themselves and their things home from service in the middle east.
I found this sign on a wall in a little strip mall i
n the Emerald City.

Do you suppose there is a secret society of dogs who
post these signs so that other dogs know where to find
cats to chase?

This is what the pig bull thinks of Hot Mamas sausages...

Who knew that dogs can blow raspberries?
Okay, that's enough nonsense for the day.
I hope it gave you a smile.
Today is too beautiful for any other expression.
I'm going to go enjoy the gifts such a day brings.
Big grins everybody!


  1. Setting up your computer outside is an excellent idea. Here's a weird thing - in my reader, there was this normal post, and then another version of it in ENORMOUS letters. So big, that only part of a letter fit on the screen.

  2. roxy has a lovely tongue. if you're like me you have hundreds if not thousands of dog pictures to choose from.

  3. Oooohhh...I LOVE being outside too! Not really athletic, but just enjoying the outdoors. Your husband is a thoughtful man :-) And your dog is very cute :-)(again). Your posts always make me smile these days :-) (again!)
    Oh! And I hope that job interview brings some good results your way!!!

  4. "Cats Turn Left". I like that sign.

  5. My post from yesterday was lost :-(

  6. secretagentwoman-- Half of what I could see went into those huge letters! But when I looked at the preview it was all normal.

    I love writing outside! I sit and sip my coffee and enjoy blogs. I love it.

  7. laura b.- Ha! As it turns out I got one of those we chose someone else emails. Oh well. The right job will come up for me.

  8. laura b.- Darn blogger is being weird again and ate half my response! Yeah, I'm not that athletic either. Walking is about my top speed but I did get a bike! Thanks for all the nice things you said. Glad I can give you a smile. Yes, this is one very thoughtful and sweet man!

  9. billy pilgrim- Ha! I have tons of photos of Roxy that mostly involve catching just her back legs or the top of her. She moves too fast!

    Does Ruby dig in your lawn?

  10. dmarks- I have never seen such a strange sign. I'm guessing that at one time there was some sort of cat clinic there. It gave me a great giggle.

  11. Cube- Blogger is eevil! Glad to see you! I was gone for so long. But I'm back now.

  12. Great picture of the doggie. And I hope spring has finally sprung here in Idaho too because I am tired of the rain and cold. Hope the interview turns into a job offer and have yourself a good weekend.

  13. Mr Shife- Thanks!

    I am also sick of the rain and cold!!! I hope you have sunshine all weekend.