Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Happy Birthday Mom and Ron!

Two of the three birthdays I have this week.
The other is this guy...

My first born... that you know as Boo.

June is a very full month for us!
We have four birthdays and a wedding.
The wedding is the man's oldest son's... which falls on Boo's birthday.
That will be easy for me to remember.

In fact, Thursday we have the rehearsal diner,
then the wedding on Friday evening.

Weddings are okay... I'm not a huge fan of them.
Some people really get into going to them.
They are nice family events that are full of hope and joy.

But I would rather celebrate birthdays!
Its good to have one day a year where you celebrate
that one special person.
Which everyone deserves!

So here are the reasons that I celebrate each of my birthdays
here today.

Mom is my MIL.
But unlike some MILs, she's also a dear friend.
We met through the man, true enough,
but we began talking on the computer everyday before I went to work or after.
This is before the man and I decided to be a committed couple.
Even if, heaven forbid, the man and I would not have gotten to that point, I know that we still would have remained friends.
We can talk about anything.
She has a great sense of humor and a lot of varied interests that I share.
We're both pretty crazy about the man.
As you know, its not always easy to break into a new family.
Mom and Ron both have accepted me into theirs.
It is a comfortable feeling.
A good fit!

Ron was a teacher and so knows the ins and outs of life with students.
That was a great connection for me.
When you work in a school, you live in that community
even after regular work hours... with all the functions involved.
When you move around in the world outside, you tend to see things and think of how that could be applied to teaching
or of interest to your students.
Its automatic.
Its nice to have someone around with other school tales and who has an idea about the school life.
he puts up with me flicking him crap!

As for Boo...
This was my "training child"...
the one where I had no manual and still had to figure out what to do with the kid... and not break him in the process.
Fortunately, he was the best baby on earth...
when I had his sister,
I could not believe how difficult she was in comparison.
Boo is bright, funny and very compassionate.
As a child he often ended up in center stage.
He was picked from the audience by THE Yo-Yo man himself,
Tommy Smothers
to come up on stage and learn a yo-yo trick at the state fair.
While in school, there was a traveling troop of professional actors who came every other year to put on plays with students.
Every single time they came to our school during the years that Boo was enrolled, he was picked for the lead role.
The actors were different each time and had no clue that he had done this before.
Boo was like that...
a very attractive child, with an open personality that did not quit.
He tried everything and feared nothing.
A natural.
Gee... can you tell I'm his mom?

Happy Birthday my June people!
You are all very much loved and appreciated.
Here's to many, many more!


  1. Happy Birthday and all happiness to your June people!

  2. laura b.- Thanks! I'll pass that along.

  3. We have a bunch of June birthdays in our family but they are all "Birthday June Boys"... a term Mr. Cube's family coined.

    Give them all my birthday congratulations and give Boo my sympathy. I was a first born too and I can vouch for the fact that my siblings had it way easier than I did. The pioneer always gets the arrows.

  4. BTW I didn't know you were still here or I would've posted earlier...