Monday, June 6, 2011


The yard supervisor.

We've needed to replace a section of our fence for a while.
The neighbor's son ran into it when he was trying to learn how to drive.
Its never been the same.
Then a wind storm made it worse.

We went almost immediately to get the supplies needed.
Then the weather and availability of workers clashed
and the fence was put off until after the wedding.

So last Thursday we decided that with good weather on the way,
it was time to get it done.
Early Saturday morning the neighbor's older two sons and their dad
showed up to tear the old fence down.

The supervisor in the photo at the top of this page (Roxy) was furious.
How dare anyone take her ratty old boards away!
She barked so much and was so upset that she was banned to the house.
You wouldn't think that was much of a punishment,
but to Roxy, being banned from others is the worst thing ever.


She sulked. She grumbled. She continued to be upset.

All day.

The next day, after the posts had time for their concrete to set up properly,
the crew began the work of putting the new boards up.

We allowed the supervisor to come into the yard...
providing she could control her ah..."comments".
Unfortunately, we had to use a long tie-out to keep her in the yard.
Roxy has never been tied out.
She supervised with great intensity
and a degree of irratation.

Eventually it was finished.

The supervisor grabbed her duck and raced all over her yard.

She said it was perfect...

and demanded that we throw the duck again.

Now everybody happy!


  1. "Yard supervisor," heh, heh. I like that. There were a couple of dogs in the neighborhood where I grew up that were like that... yard supervisors. If you walked by, they'd freak out barking and chase you... exactly to the corner of the property. Then they'd stop short and stand there, still barking and growling, of course, but they wouldn't take another step. They'd just bark and watch until they decided you were far enough away.

    One dog was satisfied if you crossed the street, even. "BARKBARKBARK... whoops, he crossed the street. My work is done here."

    - Cricket

    p.s. I don't know why blogger gives me such a hassle signing in/commenting lately. Things haven't been the same since "the crash." Yeah? I got yer bX right here, pal.

  2. Hm. Just out of curiosity, I signed in on my Macasaurus... no problem. I guess blogger isn't liking my PC. Weird. Actually, I prefer the Mac, elderly though it is, except that a) it runs at the blistering pace of a land tortoise, and b) I have to sit at my desk. (The PC is a laptop)

    They;re like my children... each one has its own set of problems that give me facial tics. What can ya do?

  3. Cricket- I knew that was you as soon as I read the "heh heh". :D

    That's our yard supervisor. She barks to let you know its HER yard and therefore you must come pay attention to her. When anyone gets close, she starts to wiggle and becomes their instant pal. She'd never pass the interview for "junk yard dog".

    Blogger has been awful to me of late as well.

    I feel that way about Hal, my computer. Hal is slower these days. Randy has a new one, Jay, that I can use but I detest Windows 7. Hal has XP and that works well for me.

    Computers are sort of like desk top dogs. Hal grumbles and growls, but he does his job and I'm always glad to see him.

  4. Your yard looks beautiful in the photos with its nice new fence! Everyone should have such an adorable supervisor :-)

  5. roxy's a beauty! how much does she weigh?

    ruby weighs about 90lbs. when i get a ruby version 2.0 in a few years i'm going to look for a 50 pounder.

  6. laura b.- Thanks! Roxy is such a sweetheart. I think she is adorable too!

  7. billy pilgrim- Yep, she is a beauty. She weighs 54 pounds last time she was weighed at the vet.

    I hate to think that a Ruby 2.0 is in the offing.
    I've got to tell you... I fell in love with your Ruby and she's the reason that I wanted this Roxy, who is a 2.0 now that I think about it. I could not have found a better friend or company.

  8. Yard supervisor... yeah, I have a couple of those myself. Roxy reminds me of Pumpkin, my brindle pitt niece. It's funny when Mr. Cube walks our German shepherd, our Doberman, and my sister's pitt bull.

  9. BTW I think you know I've been having trouble commenting since Internet Explorer upgraded to version 9... it just struck me today to use the older computer (D'OH!)

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you have a kind face and it totally meshes with all the sweetness that comes out in your writing.