Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday the man's son kissed bachelorhood good-bye.
He didn't seem to mind a bit!

As my regular readers know, I am not normally a wedding person.
Some people really get into the whole idea of weddings...
sparking TV shows about bridzillas,
how to plan the perfect wedding,
tons of wedding web sites,
movies about wedding planners,
and that event that all little girls are supposed to dream about all their lives
until the day they say
"I do."
Weddings are a huge commercial industry!

My wedding was not a big affair and that was the right wedding for us.
Make a quick and serious commitment...
then get past that to the barbecue.

This wedding was much more traditional.
The beautiful bride included traditions from her
Italian heritage that were interesting and new to me.
It was a very important wedding because it was family.
As formal weddings go,
it was in a wonderful setting in the country,
complete with babbling brook
and lovely landscaping.
Tables were set on the lawn and the atmosphere was charming.

The ceremony was not long winded... a good thing...and had a nice message.
We all had a good giggle when the bride pulled her cheat sheet
of her vows out of her bodice.
The man said "Hey, she uses her bra as a pocket too!" and elbowed me.
Everyone cheered at the kiss.

Little N was the flower girl.
Her brother, Te was the ring bearer.
The bride's daughter, R was one of the brides maids.
We had a lot of people we cared about standing up there.
That made this wedding extra special.

It was a very nice evening with family and friends from both sides.
The food was delicious.
Everything was as perfect as any wedding could possibly be.

By nature I am a wallflower at social gatherings,
unless I know the people very well.
The man was called away off and on to do photos, etc.
and had many people to visit with in the gathering.
But Mom and Dad were there... the man's that is...
so I sat at their table and visited.

Eventually I slipped away to the truck so that I could
call my son Boo.
It was his birthday.
I missed it last year, because I had just moved here and had promised him that I would not miss this one.
I'd never missed one before that... ever.
Of course he understood that this was a big family event that we could not miss.
While I called, I missed the cake cutting!
I have photos of everything else though...
from the setting to the actual show.

I was the driver, so no booze beyond a couple of short cups of beer
before eating.
We didn't leave for hours after.
All in all, it was a great night.

When we signed the guest book... the man left it to me to do this...
I was tempted to put "the original Mr and Mrs H".
That's because we all have the same names.
He has his dad's and she has mine.
But I didn't.
I wasn't sure if joking in a guest book is appropriate.
It did make me smile to think about it.
I'll let future readers wonder why they signed their own guest book.

We got home late.
The man was hungry so I made him a grilled cheese.

Ok... I have to ask you how you make your grilled cheese?
The man likes his with miracle whip inside on both pieces of bread.
Its really weird to have to slather something on all the different
sides of bread and quite messy!
I don't use anything inside mine except for cheese and maybe a tomato slice.
I guess there is no wrong way or right way,
but I'd never heard of that before.
Kind of like pizza... you can put what you want on it.
Still, I wonder what other ways you can fix one.


  1. The wedding sounds really lovely. Sorry you weren't able to attend Boo's birthday celebration, but of course he understands!

    I have heard of cheese sammies fixed with mayonnaise, but it is not my thing. I just like lots and lots of melty cheese and I'm set :-)

  2. I think that most weddings are a big hassle, and they should not be that way.
    I have a business idea (and just an idea with no money to invest in it). You buy a church or some other nice looking building, and you rent it out (or parts of it) for certain hours, mostly already decorated. It would have flowers, but not particular flowers, just whatever happened to be on sale that week. People would show up at the appointed time and get married. Done. They mill around a bit, they take pictures, they eat cake, and then they leave and we clean up. Then someone else comes and gets married, using mostly the same decorations and flowers. Easy, and hopefully not that expensive.
    Of course I wonder if that idea would work, as I suppose people wanting that sort of thing already plan to go to Vegas. Other people want every little detail just a certain way, special flowers, etc....

  3. laura b.- It was a lovely wedding. I really enjoyed it. Boo was more than happy with the party his friends and sibs threw.

    Yeah, me too. Cheese grilled in butter is heart unhealthy enough for me. No mayo required.

  4. laughing- That is actually what this place is...
    it's out in the country where Christmas trees and wheat are raised. You can do your own flowers and decorations if you want. I'm pretty sure they would rent it out for family reunions etc. It truly was a beautiful, private spot. There was a gazebo for the ceremony and a semi open covered area for the food, plus a dance floor outside.
    I like your idea of the pre-decorated nice building. I would have gone for that idea myself if it had been available. I bet you could market that in any town.

  5. I'm glad the wedding was so nice. I'm not a big wedding person either.But I know a lot of people who are really into them.

  6. I'm not a wedding guy. I liked mine, but that's about it. If anything, I enjoy the religious service more than most receptions. Odd, but true.