Saturday, June 11, 2011


What a perfect day!

Yesterday I was busy farting around in my outdoor office, just enjoying the fresh air and dog's company. The man was busy doing his usual morning stuff.
I knew we had errands to run, so I was not surprised at all when
the man began locking doors and shutting the house up ready to get going.
I simply closed the office and followed him out.

It is the man's usual habit to drive and not mention where we are going.
Its sort of a game for me.
If I ask, he tells me "Following the front bumper."
Therefor, it has become my habit to simply sit and enjoy the ride while I try and figure it out.
I like puzzles and brain games.
This is actually a challenge for me, since one of my other habits is getting lost.

I was not concerned when we pulled into a near by mall.
We pay our cable bill there and that's where the new Cabela's
recently popped into being.
We are frequent visitors to the mall, despite the fact that we rarely buy anything.

The man passed our usual parking area, but ok.
When he pulled into a spot by The Roadhouse Grill, I thought "Ah ha!"
We had gotten a gift card there for our wedding.
We went inside and got seated.

Now the man is one of the ut-most laid-back people that I have ever encountered!
He takes delays and whatever set-backs come up with true grace.
I tend to get excited over these things.
We managed to get the only non-hard-working waitress in the place!
I don't know what she was doing with her time, but it wasn't waiting on her tables.
She kept vanishing into thin air.

But I was with the laid-back man and it was a nice surprise, so I was
un-normally ok with the whole thing.
I like shucking the peanuts and tossing the shells on the floor.
A mistake since it took our waitress forever to bring us our sodas!
Still, I was not going to complain.

Then an unusual thing began to happen.
The laid-back man began to check his watch repeatedly.
This simply does not happen with this man!
How curious!
Eventually our food came and the man ate a bit and went looking for doggie containers.
Normally he would quietly wait for these.
Curious and curiouser!

We paid and walked an unusual double pace to the truck and
immediately drove a short distance to another space and parked.
This also was out of our usual parking area in the mall lot.
Out of the truck, we walked just as fast into the mall.
I thought, well, he wants to beat the rush where we pay our cable bill.
I hurried along and became even more curious when he turned into a different wing.
I could see that we were walking toward the theater.
Now the man has said more than once that the only time he likes to go to the theater is when its super hot and there is no air conditioner... because he can sleep while whoever watches the movie.
Clearly not a regular movie go-er!

We were in line before I got it.
Lost in a long list of movies on the header...

Understand this about me...
as a kid, I was not just a comic book fan.
I was an obsessed Thor fan.
We're talking about being at the pharmacy every week when the comic book guy would show up with the new comics.
When our parents took us on vacation I would nearly die over not being there to get my newest Thor comic when it came in.
There has never been a superhero like Thor!

As comic book movies go, I really liked it.
Hey, it had Thor!
How could that possibly go wrong.
It could not and did not.
It was also a nice clean movie fit for children.
Yes, there was battle.
That's what Thor does!
But it was not gore riddled.
It even had a positive message to it.
No sex or sexual suggestion to explain to little people.
There was hand kissing and one good smacker!
It left us open to a sequel.

Then back to the truck and following the bumper... this time I caught on quickly.
We were off to the Emerald City to get our certified copy of
our squeaky marriage certificate.
I can't change my ID, SS# or get my car title changed and my tags without it.
It wasn't ready yet.
Bummer deal!
But hey, two out of three is still a good day!

Back to following the front bumper.
I was in a great mood just enjoying the fact that I understood that I was utterly lost... again.
We seemed to be circling inside an industrial area.
The man fooled me when he turned into a parking lot where I knew he had applied for a job. I thought, oh... he's going to check in with them.
However, we were only turning around.
When he did stop, he pointed to a big brown building
and said he wanted me to remember it.

I thought... ah ha! There is a story attached to this place.
I bit!
I asked why.
The man said "Well that's where I'll be all day starting on Monday."
It took a few heartbeats to get into my head.
The man found a job!

Now I ask you...
does a day get any better than that?

Later, when I thanked the man for a wonderful day of surprises, he smiled.
"The only thing that bothers me about it is...
what the heck can I come up with to top it?Now you're going to expect something better."

I laughed.
"Oh, I don't know, but you'll think of something...
Maybe you better start thinking now."

He laughed back and shook his head.
"Silly Rabbit!"


  1. i like that you've learned to roll with his surprises and i really like that he arranges such fun treats for you. congrats to him on the new job too!

  2. lime- I will indeed pass that I along! I just love surprises! He's pretty great about stuff like that. :)

  3. What a wonderful day! I agree it may be hard to top, but also agree that the man will no doubt be able to pull it off :-D