Friday, July 23, 2010


As it turned out, I found a teeny tiny doctor who's voice is so soft it made me want to whisper.  There I sat, an oaf with a loud voice.  Strange how such a bit of a thing can be intimidating just by being so small and quiet.

Randy went with me for moral support.  I get extremely anxious with doctors and people I don't know, so this was sort of a double whammy.  I do not have trouble meeting strangers and yakking at them in a line or about town.  But when I am going to be introduced to someone, I start getting heebie jeebies.
One of those paradoxes that form me.

However, she turned out to be a sweet person.  We waded through all the paper work involved with being a first time new patient.  My hands were shaking so badly that I may as well have filled it out in crayon.  I was happy when the visit ended and I could leave, but am feeling pretty good about this set up.

There are always things they want you to do.  I left with a new glucose meter, 7 prescriptions, and order for a full blood work up and another for a mammogram.  Grumble on that last one... nothing like putting your boobs in a vise and screwing it down as tight as it will go!  I am not a whip me thrill me kind of gal.  But out of respect for the illness that killed my mother, I do the damn things once a year.

Has anyone ever done a study to see if mammograms... the smoosh and snap kind... damage you enough to start cancer growing?

Worse yet, its at 7:20 AM on Monday morning and I get to fast the night before so that I can do blood screening right after my smashing photo session.  UGH.  On the bright side, she told me that I don't have to do another colonoscopy for nine years.  Now THAT won her points!

Being diabetic, she did that stuff too... they listen to your veins and arteries, then poke your feet to make sure that there is no nerve damage.  My feet are still ticklish, thank you very much!  That is good news.  I have to keep a record of my blood pressures and my blood sugars for a month to bring in with me when I go back for the results.  

All done now.  I took my pile of prescriptions to WalMart where the lady accepted them happily enough.  Oh and one other cool thing... the doc gave me a card that pays most of my co-pay on my diabetic supplies.  Very cool beans!  If I didn't have insurance to cover it, I would have to turn diabetes down for lack of funds.  

There you have it... and anti-climatic end to my doctor story.  Can't come up with much more mundane stuff... and the man is up from his nap now, so I'm off to the weekend of puppies and guns.  I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend.  Big grins to all.


  1. Aw, I'm glad you and your teeny tiny doctor hit it off. I really do need to go in for a complete physical. I feel fine, but it has been years and I am getting to a dangerous age...need to take care of myself. I'm glad it all worked out and you got your scrips. Yay!

  2. laura b.-- Thanks. Yep, I got scripts for everything under the sun... asthma, bee sting kit, meds. and diabetic supplies.

    Well I sure understand about procrastinating on that issue... but you are indeed correct... you have to take care of yourself!

  3. I'm glad you liked her. I hate mammograms, too, but my mother also had breast cancer twice, so I go. I do worry about all that radiation and am looking into a new technology called a thermography. They basically take a heat photo of the tissue, so no flattening involved I have decide I'm going to get both this year and see if the results are comparable.

  4. Glad to hear everything went well and you are doing good. Take care my friend and I hope your weekend is a good one.

  5. Your trek to find the doctor's office sounded like more of an ordeal than actually going to visit the doctor. Is her office teeny tiny too? ;-)

    Glad it all worked out for you. I have to get checked myself, but I have perfected procrastination into an art form especially when it involved turning my boobs into a fruit rollup.

  6. the title here makes me think of you sitting in a chair with the minuscule doctor standing in the palm of your hand. glad all reports so far are good ones.