Friday, July 23, 2010


Naturally I was in such a hurry to get out of Dumb Potter's Hell that I left some things undone.
I should have had my physical months ago, but I really don't like them and so I put it off.
I told myself that I would make that appointment and even tried once but got a busy buzz.
Then time ran out and I told myself that I would return one last time to Dumb Potter's Hell and have that visit.

So my medications ran out.  I called and got a one month reprieve... which I wasted and waited until I was down to three doses to think about getting a new doc.
I am fortunate in that I have my excellent insurance coverage until the end of Sept... then its up to God and hopefully a new employer to provide.

But you know how insurance is... you have to see one of their providers or it costs more.
Here I go, on line, looking up doctors that they allow.
I am still too new here to know where anything is.
I ask Randy, who recalls very vividly how easily I get lost.  He says... I'll drive you there and show you where it is.
"It" being anywhere I want to go.

There is the insurance approved list...
all 1,276 of them!
But wait... they have a button for a map.
I tell myself... you can do this without Randy!

So I find one close to home, I think, after viewing several maps and think I have it made.  I call and they don't take new patients.  RATS.
I whine at the woman on the phone who just turned me down.  She is sympathetic and gives me a name of a doctor she knows who will take my insurance and is taking new patients.  Cool beans.

Lucky for me there is an opening.  The doctor is a woman.  I've never had a female doctor before, but you know maybe its time.  At least she will be familiar with all the parts in a more personal way.

But then there is the whole getting lost every time I leave my driveway thing.
I google map her again.  I look at the directions and think how great it is that she is so very close to me.
No asking the man to blaze my trail this time.

But I also know me... so time for an afternoon field trip, even though my appointment isn't until tomorrow morning.  
(This is a delayed post I'm doing on Thursday for Friday... by the time you read this, I'll be happily wearing my paper dress and getting my drugs.)
I figured if I am going to get lost, I should do it with a day between me and my appointment, least I miss it wandering around swearing.
Okay... here I go!

I followed the directions to a tee.  I know where Debra Street is... I've been lost on it before, though it is only a block up from my home.
I turn out of my driveway to the right, left on Debra and head straight to the street I need.
Two blocks later I see the Road Work signs.
I approach with caution.  A lovely woman in an orange vest informs me that they are paving the road.
I do not tell her that I can see that.
She explains that the paving material is over 200 degrees and will melt my tires.
I say I don't need that and she agrees.
Can she tell me how to get across the street to the lane I need?
She is very sorry but she is from P'land and does not know the area.  I thank her and back up to go back to a different street and make a right in  the direction I know I need to go.

They should have put up a sign that says "Welcome to the land of cul-de-sucks!"
But as luck would have it, a school bus passed me as I sat pondering which tiny street might lead out of this warren.  I know that school bus drivers know where they are going and they go on main streets eventually, so I follow it and hope they don't think I'm stalking a kid.

Yay!  It worked.  I end up on the right street going the right direction.  All easy breezy from here...right?
Of course not, it's me we are talking about and my talent for driving frustration.
When I spoke to the receptionist on the phone she told me to come to Laura St. and that was where the parking lot could be found... not on the street where I was that had the actual address.

But wait... there is Laura St. and I am saved!
I pull into the driveway to a medical looking building and find instead a closed office with a pile of construction workers breaking for lunch.
They all smile at the lost lady as I turn in a circle and drive back out, waving.

Up and down Laura St. which is only a few blocks long.  How can you get lost on such a short street?
I tried every public looking building I saw.
I back track and try Laura St. on the other side of the main intersection on the street I came off of... passing the now waving-back construction workers.
Nice fellows.  I think I may have made their lunch break a little brighter.

The other side of the intersection Laura St. becomes Game Rd.  That can't be right.
Back around to make a pass by my new friends.
Everybody wave!
I decide... desperation setting in to try the one place I passed up because I thought it said 
it was a veterinary clinic.  It isn't really on Laura St. but on a small off-shoot where the street bends toward the main intersection.

Yep... its a people clinic but it does not bear the name of the doctor I will be seeing.  
With nothing better to do, I drive into the parking lot and park... intending to have a little swearing party before passing my new buddies again.
  If I had not, I would never have seen that there is another office on the back side of that building.
I got out of my car to read the teeny tiny lettering on the office door.
Inside the receptionist peers back out at me.
I smile, mostly because I am glad that my bad temper led me to the right place.
I know the question on her face will be answered in the morning when I show up for that appointment... on time and not lost, so I don't bother to explain.

I believe I may have found the reason why she has openings... she is darned hard to find.

I get back in my tiny clown car that allows me to drive in circles inside parking lots and make my way back to Laura St. and stop at the stop sign.
All my new friends are watching.
I put the car in neutral, set the hand break and get out.  I wave at them and yell
"Found it!"
I drove off to cheers, pleased that I knew how to get back home again.  I didn't get lost even once.  
In retrospect, it is very close to home and easy to get to... if you know where it is.

I am proud of myself.  I did it alone.  Randy will not have to drive me there first for a change.
When he gets home in about an hour and says
"Hey babe... what did you do with your day?"
I'm going to smile and say
"Nothing special."
But it is pretty special to be able to find my own way.

As for the new doc... now that I'm dreading.  But that's tomorrow morning.  I am ready to enjoy tonight and worry about that when it happens.
Whatever happens it will be Friday.
What will you do with your weekend?
I'm going to look at puppies!
And Sunday... "MY choice day"
We are going out to go shooting.
Watch out world, Anandagirl has a gun!
Hope I can find the target.


  1. ALL-- Well CRAP! I tried to post this on a delay for tomorrow. Sorry, I can't seem to undo that without losing it. So 2 posts in one day. Sigh.
    Boy I wish I had a smoke!

  2. I loved reading that Ananda! Glad you found your way...eventually. That's really all that matters. There's no substitution for preparation.

    Thank you very much for the encouraging comments you've left on my blog.

  3. That is an awesome story :-) See how you make friends wherever you go? Best of luck with your appt. tomorrow and have a GREAT weekend.

  4. good luck with the puppies. you better get one soon so you can house train it before you head back to work in the fall.

  5. You've never had a female doctor? I much prefer to see a woman.

  6. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were a guy. You drove past those construction workers how many times and didn't stop for directions? As soon as I'm lost I'm looking for a friendly face. Saves time and gas.

    Maybe this weekend I'll go shoot some puppies too. Oh, wait...

  7. I guess I know what you mean about delaying medical stuff. I have already said how I am like four years or so behind on the eye and dental exams. The only thing I manage to do once a year as planned is Planned Parenthood, or they won't give me birth control pills, and I need my hormone pills, even if there are times when I don't need the birth control.

    I used to buy several months of pills all at once, but with the way things are now the money situation usually has me buying only one month at a time. And I manage to put it off until like Thursday before I run out of pills. Usually something will come up on Thursday, then sometimes something also comes up on Friday. I don't think that they are open on Saturday, and they are certainly not open on Sunday when I need the new packet of pills. So often I am getting the pills on Monday and taking a double dose, which then makes me a little bit sick to my stomach and then giving me an excuse to buy chinese food when I should not be spending extra money. Not having extra money is the reason that I didn't buy the pills two months ago, right?

    I don't like men doctors. Besides being uncomfortable talking about female problems with men, men just seem rather stupid. How can you be so stupid after all those years of school? I'm like, doctor, I have a UTI, so I need some antibiotics, so could you please just get me a cup so I can give a sample for the lab? And the man doctor just looks at me like I don't know what I'm talking about, like I couldn't possibly know what the damned UTI is, and that I've got it again, so just give me the pills for it and let me go home. No, you can't possibly know what is wrong, you have to have an exam and listen to all his bullshit theories. And then the lab says you've got a UTI.


    A woman would just nod and hand you the sample cup, wait for the lab to confirm what we both already know, and send you home with the drugs.

  8. KenV-- I am glad you enjoyed it. I like laughing at myself and treating everyday as an adventure.

    I am pleased to visit your blog and lend what support I can. Been there... done that as they say to exhaustion!

  9. Laura b.-- Ha! I DO. In fact, I am taking them cookies! After all, they made my day brighter too. ;-)

    Likewise, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your terrific family.

  10. billy pilgrim-- I NEED that puppy. I WANT that puppy. NOW. Ruby needs a pen pal.

  11. Cricket-- Ha. I know, I even thought about it but I was in my I can do this alone mode. Think of the movie "Michael" when he sees the bull in the field and says "battle...".

    Shoot puppies??? Nooooooooooooo!

    You crack me up. :-)

  12. Glad you finally found the doctor's office. Gosh, that sounded like quite the ordeal. Around here, it really bugs me that so few places have their addresses clearly shown on their buildings. I have no idea how ambulances are able to find anything at all.

    Anandagirl has a gun... Wasn't that a song by Aerosmith? ;-)

    Have fun and don't shoot any puppies.

  13. laughing-- Oh the no money and hassle to get drugs is a cycle I understand well. And I love Chinese food! Maybe I'll reward myself for going to the doc with that for lunch. They don't give me lollipops anymore.

    I have friends who all swear by women doctors. I had my last doctor, a man and the husband of a friend (Talk about weird! Hey... your man knows what my...fill in the blank... looks like!) for 22 years. But as docs go, he was great. Female doc will be new and interesting.
    I'm sure she will have a better grip on female issues. But to be honest, I am a bit iffy on that oh so not fun exam issue.

  14. Cube-- I know exactly what you mean about not having clear addresses. Same here or worse they are in lettering that I can't read without stopping anyway. We have HUGE clear numbers on our house, in two places so that you can find it from either direction.

    I can't wait to go shooting. Don't worry, all puppies are safe. In fact, its a family outing with his mom, step-dad and youngest son. I am still terrible at it, but this time I get to try a variety of hand guns and rifles. I'll let you know when I take my class and get my license to carry. :-)

    Hahaha... Aerosmith. I'd forgotten about that one, but I almost used "The Prom Queen Got a Gun" song. Maybe next post eh?

    Have a wonderful weekend with your riot at home.
    I miss the chaos of my children.

  15. hope the bullet goes straighter than the car ;)

  16. BTW there is a new fangled way of holding a revolver or gun. There is huge buzz about the new pushing/pulling technique, which is NOT how I learned to shoot (and I'm a good shot), but which boasts more stability. I think it may be worth looking into...I'm just saying.

  17. Cube-- Thanks! Where do I find out how to use it? I will ask Randy and see if he knows. Currently I do the supporting hand under the butt of the gun. Or is it for rifles?

  18. I hope your appt went well. I can't wait to see cute puppy pics. have fun with your guns. Ha ha.

  19. Churlita-- Haha! I will. The appointment went well. Of course now there is all the stuff I have to do because of it. But good health is a blessing and worth the effort.

  20. That is certainly perseverance!!!

  21. NoRegrets-- I am tenacious. That is one good quality I will admit to.