Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Not everything in my life is roses.  I'm not really complaining.  Oh wait... yes I am!  Who changed the rules for getting a job???

I have never had to look for more than 2 weeks to find a job.  Never!
I knew the rules... look fresh, use my sense of humor to my advantage, print answers like you are drawing up building plans and follow up in person regularly.
Not any more.  Nope.
In this area, if you want a job in education... and I do... you have to go to a central online site to apply.
I have issues with this.

It makes you faceless... so much for fresh looking!

It robs you of your personality...
There is NO way you can answer with humor to a question like:
"Have you ever been investigated for a sex crime?"

(I wanted to answer "No, but I'm sure I've committed some in some states!")

Picture Agent K in a principal's office saying
"We in education have no sense of humor that we are aware of..."

It clearly states on all public education districts' websites that applications through this program are the only ones that will be considered.

So... How do you know they even look at yours?
How is it possible to follow up?

The only place you can fit in any of your personality or passion for the job is in a cover letter limited to 100 words.

It sucks.

Worse still... there are a bazillion things required and all must be down loaded into this program, which I cannot do on my computer since I do not have a scanner.  This means that I have to do some on my computer, which I am familiar with and know what is where and do the rest on Randy's computer.

This is a big deal for me.  One, I consider my computer to be as sacred as my diary... which it is.
I have great respect for privacy and that certainly includes Randy's.  I do not want to be rummaging around in there trying to figure out how to do things and run across something I do not want to see.
It makes me nervous.
I told him that I don't like to use his.  He says that is silly, he has nothing he would hide from me, then teasing said he'd already gotten rid of those photos when he asked me to commit to our relationship.

My response?

"You funny!"
(A Stevie Ray Von quote.)

Anyway, I am feeling frustrated and flummixed by this process.

Anyone got any good tips on how to deal with job applications on line?  I would appreciate any
thoughts you have on the subject.

I need a job!

I have 2 paychecks left from my former job.
I over-spent last month... Randy's birthday, obligations,  helping my kid out, and frankly, I truly needed a bra that wasn't so big that my boobs fell out every time I moved.  Hey... bras are not cheap!

On top of this frustration, there is the whole deal with changing my name on everything.  I thought it would be easier to do one time and waited to move here to do it.

All those rules have changed too thanks to the anti-terrorist act.
It's like some monstrous Catch-22.
My legal name is not on anything!
I had a run-around starting at the DMV... who insists that I go to the Social Security and change my card there first.  The SS say  I have to have a valid ID... which I can't get without the SS card changed.
Hello children can you say shit?

So, here I am in my perfect life that I have waited so long to reach, feeling like I want to scream.
Especially since I cannot find my birth certificate...
which they say will take up to 14 weeks!

Who changed the damned rules?

Something stinks!

So what wonderful thing in your life is causing you endless suffering?

Fess up!

Misery loves company.


  1. At least you're not trying to change your name to Abu Al-Ahmad or something.

    Two thoughts: if things are the same out there as they are here, and if you're applying to do SPED, there will probably be a hiring frenzy soon, once City Councils get done haggling over budgets and fund those mandated SPED positions.

    If you're looking for library, maybe not so much. My SIL, a tenured MLS librarian may well be SOL this year. Yikes. Oh well, it's just a library, what the hell do those schoolkids need books for? Grrr.

    2nd thought, maybe a private school, or even a private SPED school might seat your nudes better, right now?

    Who changed the rules? Come on now... you've read The Trial, right? "Like a dog..."

    Buck up, l'il camper. You're in my prayers. :-)

  2. Cricket-- Ha! Reminds me of that episode of Friends (which I rarely watched) where the blond takes advantage of getting married to change her name for free... to Princess Banana Hammock. So her husband says "Okay, then I'm changing mine to Crap Bag and you get to introduce me to your friends that way." She opted to stay Phoebe.

    Great suggestions. Ironically the only position that has come up yet is in a district as a full time librarian. I'm crossing my fingers on that one.

    For SPED here I have to get some sort of certification that is not yet clear. I'm dealing with trying to find out where and how I do that now. Heavy sigh.

    Up in Dumb Potter's Hell, they just closed all the public libraries! I heard that at least 4 of those who lost their library jobs have applied for my abandoned post. Yikes!

    I picked a fine time to leave it Lucile.

    BTW... I'm counting on that last statement. Big grins!

  3. I've been half-heartedly looking online for work, but what I really want is for our construction-based business to pick up again and not necessitate my going to work outside the house.

    Unfortunately, the state of our economy is not conducive for creating jobs, construction or otherwise.

    You talked about the closing of public libraries, yet there are plenty of PORK projects that are being funded. This is wrong on so many levels. Arrggghh. It makes me so mad.

  4. Cube-- You are so right! Here they want to renamed a street at a huge cost to the tax payers. What good will that really do? We know where the street is now. We will know where it is when its renamed. But money for education or libraries... they are taking it away! What happened to common sense?

  5. Cube-- I hope your business picks up and you don't have to leave home to work. Good luck either way... but I'll be pushing for more business for you.

  6. Actually, there has been some improvement this quarter over last. Not what it used to be, but it's amazing how one learns to appreciate something once it's lost. We feel fortunate for any gain at this point. Meanwhile, BO parties hearty on our dime *sigh*

  7. There is PORK everywhere. Totally useless crap that we don't need, but yet is getting funded because some politician is pushing for it and will get their way.

    This is true on both sides of the political aisle.

    What can be more important than libraries, for Pete's sake?

  8. Cube-- I am glad to hear that there is improvement at your end. This country is a mess financially. Come election time, heads will hopefully roll.

    I am still in shock over closed libraries. It is so wrong.

  9. i don't have any suggestions but i thoroughly enjoyed the dead skunk. ruby got sprayed a few years back and thinking of the incident always brings a smile to my face.

  10. Men!

    Okay, other than that ongoing pain... it was a colossal hassle when I changed my name after my divorce and some insurance companies I'm credentialed with still haven't made the switch. As for job hunting, I think it has changed all over I just hear one horror story after another.

  11. It is a hard time to be job seeking. Just make the most you can from the online options. Make sure to include every single task you ever performed for the widest berth of experience. Your years of experience are what are going to make you stand out from the crowd. Make that teeny cover letter count.
    You can do it, Ananda! Woooo!

  12. I wish I could be of more help. I haven't looked for a job in over 10 years. I know it sucks right now, but once you get it all figured out, you'll be fine. I am not a fan of any process.

  13. Well this is a bummer Ananda girl. I certainly hope you find what you are looking for soon and it is not such a pain in the butt. I wish I could offer more advice but I am kinda out of the labor force since I am at home with the baby. Good luck and hang in there my friend.

  14. Well, you make my going hitless in a softball game seem pretty trivial. I guess I'll count my blessings.

    You do realize that you don't have to change your name, right? MY WIFE still has hers (even though she has to spell it out, every time, without fail, when she could have had the relatively easy to understand 'Sullivan' and saved herself that hassle.) Just saying, is all. If you want to change your name, that's way cool, too, but the hassles can be avoided somewhat if you don't do it.

  15. Hang in there Ananda. I probably don't know anything, but I wouldn't totally disregard the face-to-face meets with potential employers. If you can find out who the decision makers are, I can imagine it would make a strong impression for you to actually meet them and hand them a resume (clearly stating that you've already applied online). Compare that to all those that only did the online thing. I can appreciate the efficiencies that online applications provide, but any employer worth her salt will circumvent that process to hire whomever they want.

    Easier said than done, I know. Good luck!

  16. COMCAST!
    I'd trade with you ...
    Um, just because you have to apply online, does that stop you from calling a principal and asking to say hello? Meet for coffee?
    I still say your transition has been easier than mine. Certainly on the private front. Or am I just creating problems?? Not sure When was the last time Randy lived with someone?

  17. Suldog-- I didn't mean to make it sound trivial!

    Actually, I got the bright idea to go back to my maiden name... which, like your wife's is somewhat of a mystery to pronounce and spell. It was made legal as part of my divorce decree.

    I always knew when the sub got to my name in school...there would be a long pause and I would just shout it out and the other kids, who knew how to say it laughed. Fun stuff... sub teasing.

  18. billy pilgrim-- Poor Ruby! I love the dead skunk song. My kids got treated to singing it on car rides. Good memories there!

    When Sam Blast-it (a basset) got sprayed he foamed and flipped all around. We bathed him with the hose and then with tomato juice... he still stunk and looked horribly embarrassed for days. Of course we were all telling him to sit over away from us.

  19. secret agent woman-- Well, at least I am not the only one with either problem. If I had to do it over, I would leave my name the same as my children. Hind sight and all that.

    Yes... MEN!

  20. laura b.-- Great advice. I am going to rewrite my cover letter and refine it. I did leave a lot of things out. I have done everything imaginable in a school situation from custodial to answering the phones at the front desk when called upon. I even considered hiring myself out as a by the hour chaperone for dances, field trips, etc. Anything to get my face known and meet good connections.

  21. Churlita-- YOU are a great idea! I had not thought about the many colleges in this area. I'm so glad you showed up. Ha.

  22. Shife-- Thanks. You know I wish I could have your job NOW. But those days are gone for me. BTW... I know several stay at home dads and I think it has a wonderful affect on their children. Baby Shife is a lucky boy!

  23. KenV-- Ooooh great advice! I know that if my application is chosen I will get my face to face, but I had not thought of that. I sort of took the online process as a hint that they did not want to be bothered. Now I will look at that as an opportunity to stand out. Thanks.

  24. NoRegrets-- More good info. Thanks!

    Randy lived alone for 5 years and was not at all sure that he could stand living with another woman again. Ha. At first I was going to live with Jack and be his live-in house keeper, but then Spring Break came along and I stayed with Randy for 9 days.

    He decided the last night that he really liked having me there. He said "I used to dread coming home and would hide in the shop to avoid M. But now I come home and I can't wait to get here." Very cool beans!

    But there are things we have to work out. Randy makes it very easy on me with his personality. He is great about noticing what I do and commenting. He asks my opinion on everything and we choose together. He doesn't even go to the store without me unless its to pick up something on his way home.

    Part of it is my personality too... I am a pleaser. I like to do things for other people. I enjoy laundry, yard work, baking and housekeeping. I try to think of one thing each day that I can do to make him smile that he is not expecting. That's my version of fun.

    But I guarantee that I have my melt downs. His kindness, his suggestions and patience are immense. He could possibly be the most laid back person on earth who isn't lazy. He makes it very easy.

  25. yep, much as i want to work in a library i know there's slim to no chance for the next many years because of enormous budget cuts. so frustrating. heck, we are one of only 4 growing counties in our state and now the schools here are laying off TEACHERS so i couldn't even use my teaching degree if i wanted to. just sad but i hope things turn around for you soon.

  26. lime-- Its so sad... all that wonderful education, sense of humor, personality and life experiences you have to offer!

    Well, if nothing else, I do have about 25 years of experience in retail to fall back on... but the hours suck. Who knows where I will end up? But I know even if I take a different job eventually I will end up back in a school because I won't give up until I get back there.

  27. the only suggestion i can think of vis a vis attachments is what i did before we had a scanner - i went to staples and used their computer and scanner and scanned the stuff they asked for onto a thumb/flash drive. once i downloaded it once, edjoin had it forever. scan your best letters of recommendation, too, even though they may not ask for it.

    i'm pretty sure you will land exactly where you are meant to be.

    you are amazing and it shows! don't forget that you rock!