Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday... for those of you in the USA celebrating it... and a wonderful regular day to those of you not here as well.

My dear Hal 9000 is not feeling well, so I have been unable to post.  Desperation has driven me to borrow Randy's slug of a computer.  I can't do much with it, but at least I could provide a bit of Jimi H for you.

How are you celebrating?  

Randy and I are going to his mom's and step father's for a BBQ... of course!
Randy is going to do the cooking, which means it will be great.  I will be meeting more family.
Very cool beans.

Other news:
The outdoor kitchen is almost complete... expect photos soon. 
(God I love it!)
Randy is off all week... so there is fun to be had there.
Who knows what sort of trouble we can get into?
I am going to have fun finding out.
Some computer guy is coming to fix the problems we have been having getting our service.
Perhaps then Hal 9000 will feel better.

Be safe.  Have fun! 


  1. Wouldn't it have been great to have seen Jimi @ Monterey?
    Actually, I knew a guy who was there and he was in the back and did not know what Jimi was doing. He said that Otis Redding was the hit of the show as far as he was concerned. Funny how history pans out.

    Speaking of history, happy 4th to you!

    Enjoy your week with Randy!!!!!! Are you going to the ocean?

  2. I am so glad you have a bright, new, shiny life. You deserve it!

    (I do too!)

  3. Well, that explains why you've been MIA. Not that I thought anyone would be too active over a holiday long weekend. I'm still hanging out with #1 son, though if my message vanished into the ether, you may not know that already. Just waiting for dark. My neighborhood will be a mini war zone between 10 and 11. This year, we'll be making our own small contribution. Relaxed and slow... my preferred pace.

    You two kids be good now, hear? ;-)

  4. C4C-- Nope. Lebanon.

    It would have been amazing to see Jimi. Who knew we would have so little time?

  5. branwynne77-- Thank you! And you are soooo right... we both deserve it!

  6. Cricket-- We started our day with fireworks... and we were both very good!

    I wish I could watch your mini war and enjoy an ale with you two. So let me say CHEERS! Here's to a lot of smoke and noise... nice and slow.

  7. we went out for dim sum.

    i hope i didn't eat any cat.

  8. Can't wait to see the kitchen photos. Hope you had a good 4th.

  9. Hope you had fun. It is hellishly hot here.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful celebration. I had dinner and fireworks with my family.

    Really looking forward to seeing your outdoor kitchen!

    Have a great week being bad dogs :-)

  11. I hope your holiday weekend was as great as it sounded. I also hope you got your computer up and running.

  12. billy pilgrim-- Yikes! I hope a chinaman didn't pee on your dim sum.

  13. Churlita-- Thanks. We had a great time.

    Unfortunately, the computer is still down. :-(

  14. secret agent woman-- I did have a great 4th. I hope you and your boys did too.

  15. dmarks-- We did have a lot of fun. Nice people and I particularly enjoyed the children... I have missed kids. Imagine that!

    It is hot here too, today (Tue.) But it is the first truly hot day. I hope your area gets some nice breezes to help out.

  16. laura b.-- Sounds like a fun time to me. Family is such a treasure.

    Ooohhh baby... arf!

  17. Blogger is eating comments! Ack! But it looks like you must have seen mine before it vanished. Darn Blogger....

  18. Help... blogger is eating my...

  19. Just kidding. Glad your Fourth was a good one. Ours was marred by a ton of rain so there was little pool time, but good BBQ under the carport.

    Hal 9000 is my computer's name too. Sorry your Hal isn't feeling well. I knew there was something behind your recent lack of visits. Hope you get the problem resolved soon.

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