Thursday, July 15, 2010


One of the grumpy looking banana slices that adorned my bowl of breakfast yogurt.
A bowl of grumps... should have been a clue.

It's been one of those strange days.
Yesterday I had an odd experience that you can read about here: 

I have enjoyed several email relationships with some of my bloggers exchanging stories, jokes and music.
This was a very curious experience that made me worry for Cricket.  I was glad to read this and find out the scoop!
Its worth checking out to avoid such Tom foolery.
Sorry that happened to you, my friend.
Hope you can clear it up soon!
Glad I was that Suldog was there to help me out with it too.  Thanks!

I thought after reading that, that my day might be a good one.
Not that its a bad day... just one of those days.
More issues with the frustrating world of computer programs that refuse to cooperate.
I met the meter reader while sitting on my patio in my shorts and bra.
I'm not sure which of us had the redder face.
Reminded me that God has a great sense of humor and mine can be tested.
The pup I wanted was adopted by some other lucky person... so back to pup searching.
But I know my baby is out there somewhere.

But there is always salvation laying in wait.
I got the greatest kick out of the bog world today.
Lots of funny things to giggle over.
Redemption of my day.
Thanks folks!

I have managed to do virtually nothing of note.
I try not to do that.
I have decided to attack the 
Fibber McGee cupboard in my kitchen.
This cupboard is filled with every shape and kind of plastic lidded containers... though the lids are in two kitchen drawers across the room... every kind you can imagine in mass multitude.
You open the door and they pile out on your feet.
The problem was in part due to its being the location for the kind of plastic bags you get from the market as well.
We in Sanctuary do not waste anything.
Every other inch of this stronghold is flawlessly organized to keep order thru simplicity and ease.
I did help it some by removing the plastic bags and giving them to Mom, who has a neighbor that uses them in some way to raise money for cancer.
Cool beans.  I can feel good about that.
Randy is fanatical about using cloth bags whenever possible.  We like that.

I realized a mistake on that front.  We also use them for liners in the tiny waste baskets in the bathrooms.
Today was recycle and trash day.
I dutifully removed all trash... in their neat bags to keep things tidy for the garbage men.
When I began replacing the liners... Ooops!
No more bags.
Fortunately, I found a couple in the clown car that I have yet to clean out since moving here.
Clean out?
Heck... I've yet to finish unpacking it.
I like to use Randy's little truck
and mostly am a passenger in it.
X didn't drive.  I enjoy being a passenger these days.

So I guess I am off to clean out Fibber McGee's closet and pile containers all over the counters and table and match lids, figure out where to put the lids in the same cupboard.  Recycle those that do not have lids and lids that do not have bottoms.
Such excitement!

But I'll take the mundane and be pleased with my results.  It needs to be done.

Do you have a Fibber McGee closet or a junk drawer?
Fess up!  We all have a pack rat section somewhere.
Meanwhile, enjoy this oldie on me:

Lesson learned...
Keep yer shirt on and its good to be an old bag that wasn't given away.
Big grins folks.


  1. That grumpy banana slice is so cute :-{ haha!

    I'm glad to see you more cheerful today, in spite of your unorthadox encounter with the meter reader. I can totally picture it :-D

    Fibber McGee cupboard *snicker* That's good. I would say that right now the closest thing I have is the bottom of the linen cupboard where Handsome Lad has stowed a bunch of his stuff...I'm not sure what all is in there!

  2. the fibber mcgee spots in this house are my daughters' rooms...ugh!!!

  3. Hi. Am back in action for the moment, so that's good.

    I save tubs too. My wife would prefer regular tupperware. We have some of that as well (her purchase) but I don't see the point of buying the stuff when it comes free with so many products and works just as well.

    Sorry for the aggravation and thank yew fer yer support. ;-)

    Spammers should be hunted down and killed.

  4. Blue Cheer! I have the first album, from which that song was the big hit. The rest of the album is similar - lots of lawnmower noise with a beat. It's my cup of tea, but not too many others these days. By the second album, they had all taken lessons or something. As a result, they were much less interesting :-)

  5. laura b.-- I just think its interesting how these catch-all places develop. I have never moved somewhere and said to myself "I think I'll put all sorts of junk in the second drawer down on the left." Yet one day you open that drawer and there it all is. In a way they are like mystery boxes.

  6. lime-- My room would have been my mom's fibber mcgee. Ha!

  7. Cricket-- I find I now have a sort of Cricket phobia! Not here of course. But in my email. Did you send a "To All" message with a new email address?

    Cricket phobia tells me not to reply to it least I fall into a Spam trap!

    We are plastic container hoarders. The only kind we don't keep are the ones from the deli... those get washed and put into recycle because they are not durable.

    But in a way its very good to have them. My family, when we were all still together, had 6 people and a couple of those ate like 2 people. I am used to making huge meals. I can't quite get the knack of cooking for just 2. So each time I cook, two small containers of diner go into the big freezer in the shop for a day when neither of us want to cook.

    Kill the Spammer! Kill the Spammer! Kill the Spammer!...

  8. Suldog-- This song and Inna Godda Davida were both played extremely loudly at the first real party I was ever invited to by a guy. I was in 9th grade and someone handed me a beer and asked me if I liked Blue Cheer.

    I had no idea who or what that was but did not want to be the total dork I really was, so I said "Yeah... love it!"

    The guy put on this song. No one had ever played a song for me before... and you know to a teen age girl stuff like that is a big deal. So it always makes me smile.

  9. Are you kidding? My whole house is one big Fibber McGee space.

  10. I always thought that banana slices looked a little melancholy.

    I have a few junk areas that appear now and again and a semi-junk drawer. But since I've moved to this house, I've been pretty vigilant about getting rid of things periodically.

  11. i have 2, yes two, junk drawers! one did not seem to be enough! one is for junk junk and the other is really a tool drawer.

    what were you doing outside in your bra? don't you worry about tan lines?

  12. C4C-- I was in the shade on my patio. It was very hot.

    Its a good thing it happened... now I know what day not to tan nude. ;-)