Monday, July 12, 2010

I Don't Like Mondays

i have not heard this one in a long time.

okay.  hummmmm....

Another Monday.  So how the heck are you?

Randy was off for nine days in a row.  My internet bit the big one for waaaayyy too long.  Guess this is a catch up sort of post.

We did the 4th up right with a BBQ at Randy's mom's house with Ron's (Step-dad) family.  Then they brought all the left overs to our house the next day and we continued celebrating with Randy's kids and their others.  The only thing missing was my own family.  I've been missing their faces.

Then I got this nice surprise!  Bear, the boy and Mikey P all came to visit us for a quick visit.  What a wonderful thing!

There they are!  The people I love!
Can you tell the boy was not cooperating?
Yep... she gets her mommy skills from me!
Geezzz... Randy looks like he's been on a bender.
(I can laugh because I am not in the picture.)
Chalk that up to my amazing lack of photography skills.  Why is it that I can't get them all to smile at the same time?

That's better.  Sheesh.
It was the highlight of my week.

Most of our week was spent being lazy.
We did get some stuff done.

Was it worth the hype?
Well, I did a  happy dance.

Then I went out and weeded.
This little hill with the weird Dr. Seuss tree was the last stand for the weeds.
I'm going to make it into an herb garden for
Randy.  I've got a head start with that rosemary bush.

What were you all up to while I was MIA?

Oops... almost forgot.  I quit smoking on Friday.
Just finished what I had left in my pack and didn't buy more.  Its actually been very easy.
But what the heck do I do with my hands now?
They keep thinking they ought to be doing something.
Silly hands.  I'm also back to walking every day again now that the Bear brought my shoes.
The duck feet weren't cutting it.


  1. Good for you for quitting! My sister ate sunflower seeds during the transition to have something to do with her hands.

    Your loved ones are beautiful.

  2. Churlita-- Thanks. Yes, they are rather beautiful and I treasure them.

    I think I will try your sister's trick. I've had nibble fever and that is a bad thing for me.

  3. I don't like Mondays either. One more thing we have in common.

    Good for you for quitting something that I didn't even know you did. Anyway, I'm glad you're doing OK and that your absence has been due to internet difficulties and not because I said the wrong thing.. which I am wont to do ;-)

  4. Cube-- I guess saying the wrong thing is something else we have in common! But I truly have not seen you do it yet.

    BTW I loved your post... which I was reading as often happens... while you were commenting here.

    Great minds think alike... or is that great mimes drink a lot... in which case, I believe its good that we don't share the mime issue.

  5. Give me time ;-) I can be very blunt...

    BTW I hate mimes, but I do like to drink... WTF? Absolutely, we don't share the mime thing.


  6. I'm a mime! Wait, not anymore.
    Welcome back and kudos on the quitting. Remember, it's the freedom more than anything else that makes it all worth quitting a habit.
    Gotta fly.

  7. Peggy-- Thanks! Its also the increase in usable money! Oh yeah...and air.

  8. Oh, worth the happy dance! And another happy dance for quitting smoking.

    On Eddie Bluelight's other blog, he has a video of an old comedian doing a really funny bit about quitting smoking. I think you'll like it:

  9. Oh, and I have always loved that song. Even if it is about a girl killing kids in a school yard.

  10. secret agent woman-- I happy dance a lot these days. Ha.

    I have to see that thanks!

    Yeah, I love that song too.

  11. Thanks for the update. Good times with F&F are what it's about.

    And of course the kitchen is nice. Very jealous!

    Good job on quitting smoking! From what I hear, when stress comes along is when it gets more difficult. Maybe if you keep that in mind it won't catch you by surprise? Good luck!

  12. Congrats on...well, a few things! Having some time off with Randy, having a great holiday, finishing your beautiful outdoor kitchen, having your beautiful famiy drop in on you (yay!), getting your walking shoes back, and of course, quitting smoking!!!!!

  13. it would be awful to bring a babe pit into a house where people smoke. does randy smoke?

  14. KenV-- You are right... that is what its all about.

    Right now I don't have much stress... except looking for work. I hate applying and interviewing. I will keep that in mind. Thanks.

  15. laura b-- This has been such a great year for me!

    I needed those shoes!

  16. billy pilgrim-- Randy smokes cigars, but never in the house. The baby pit will have nice clean lungs. We need a happy and healthy baby.

    However... I do grow weary of waiting for her!

  17. ananda - thanks for the update. bear surely did grow up beautiful! how nice that they came to visit. what a wonderful thing. and your outdoor kitchen! yay! and your garden! and your life! happy sigh for you! :-)

  18. C4C-- Thanks. I am very proud of that Bear. She's beautiful inside and outside.

    Ha. Thanks. I could be happier but if this is as good as it gets, I feel hugely blessed.

  19. Well, we caught up already, but I'm glad to see you up and posting again.

    Love the song. I remember both the incident and buying the 45.

    What's that thing on your kitchen? An oven or a dishwasher? Must be nice not to heat the house up cooking. I eat a lot of tuna salad in hot weather. Or grill, of course.

    Good on ya with the smoking. Good luck with that. I quit after every one, myself. Ha. No, really... I've cut wayback. With a pack at almost $10 (yikes!) I'm down to about a pack a week, maybe 2 on a bad week. Can't seem to shake 'em completely, though.

    Hell, I used to pay $10 for a carton. Of course, that was back when there was no such thing as a "smoking section" &c. Somehow, we didn't all drop dead. Funny, that. One of my favorite lines:

    I tried the patch but it didn't work... I couldn't keep it lit.

  20. I remember the "I don't like mundanes" version.

  21. Cricket-- You are a treasure! I find I have no trouble not smoking as long as Randy is home. It's those 9 to 10 hours a day when he's not that make me crazy for a smoke.

    Heavy sigh. I stumbled today when I came across a partial pack in the clown car. yikes! Tomorrow is a fresh day. I'll get it right. I'm totally broke until pay day and I won't ask Randy. Good old poverty! That will do it. ;-)

    I recall that incident as well. Blew me away... no pun intended.

    That thing in my kitchen is an oven... we didn't want it above the range where my short legs couldn't reach the dials. Ha. So now its cooking at near ground level. Randy joked that he liked the view that way. I said... "What of the pot roast or my ass?"