Wednesday, April 21, 2010

40 OZ

In honor of Shife and his impending 40th birthday... a bit of Sublime.

Well the computer is back and I am here at my own little piece of the universe again.  Yay!
One must be very careful what they put on a work computer, even with permission to use it after hours.
I am at the very least elated.

Especially after 64 emails from Randy tonight.  I know it sounds a bit excessive, but the business of long distance relationships is harry and really we talk about 4 hours at a stretch.  There is a great deal to talk about now that I am moving down that way.  He has a house filled with furniture.  I have antiques handed down from my mom... what pieces to bring... where they will go, how best to get them down there.  Making the house into our house.

I have, for example, a Jen Air range that you can BBQ on and a wall oven still new in boxes that X was going to install and never got around to doing.  So Randy and I decided to use them to build an outdoor kitchen on the covered patio.  Very cool beans.  The range was suppose to go into an island... now it will go into cabinets built by Randy and T.  The Jen Air and I have both found our home.  Likewise the grand antique oak dining table I grew up with that has massive lions feet that once upon a time protected me in thunder storms.  A former sanctuary is moving to sanctuary.

Yeah, I am excited.  But I have so many things. 
The time between now and my move, in say... exactly 51 days... seems a terribly long amount of time.  But I know that it will fly toward the end.  Randy and
T are going to rent an U-haul to collect what I want to bring.  Every visit I take something as well.  Still, I envision myself flinging things into boxes at the end in a panic... desperation to be done and there motivating me to exhaustion.  Its sort of the way that I do moves.
So there is reason to talk so much.  Not that I need one.
Big grin.

On a very happy note and speaking of birthdays...

Squeaky turned 18 today!

I sent him, Boo and Max to see Kick Ass to celebrate the event.  He also got his learner's permit.  What you say?  But you recall my giving him driving lessons... with no permit?  Yes, that is correct.  Shame on me.  But then, dabear was driving the family station wagon when she was 14.  I admit, I do not always follow the law to the letter.  Besides, we were on private property when
Squeaky was driving.  Okay... most of the time.
Squeaky required a photo ID for college... hence the permit.  Anyway... Max is back.  He said they had a great time and the movie was funny.  He gives it a thumbs up.

Oops... make that 65 emails.  Another one just came in.  It was sent three and a half hours ago.  Yahoo is being a stinker tonight I guess.  Randy is long into sleep by now... and I should be.  So on that note; all is right in my universe.  I feel blessed.  A good man, a wonderful bunch of sons and dabear of course, not to forget that little munchkin, Mikey who graced me with giggles and hugs earlier.  What a nice day.

How was your hump day?


  1. The outdoor kitchen sounds fantastic. Only 51 days to go girl!

  2. Well, I was starting to worry a bit. There was the big announcement, and then nothing.

    Moving always sucks a bit, even when you look forward to the change. As for the stove still in the box, I would have just sold that (assuming Randy already has one in the kitchen). Having a second stove outside would not have occured to me. (Though I am all for having a second fridge, second freezer, second computer, second TV, second car, etc....)

  3. You're my moving/love finding soul sister! I know exactly what you're going through, and I think doing it in the same amount of time. But perhaps you and he aren't quite so stubborn as us. And I also have bad tendencies to take things personally which I'm trying to get over.

  4. Mo-- Thanks! I am having a terrible time waiting.

  5. laughing-- I love outdoor kitchens and have envied those who had them for some time now. I do not do well in to be able to cook outside in the summer is a wonderful thing to me.

    No, nothing has cooled down for us. Just the opposite.:-)

  6. Pamela-- Yep, you were my inspiration that gave me hope. Very cool how its worked out.

    There are always bugs to work out when two people connect. Kind of like dancing and no one can keep it up without stepping on a toe now and then. Just keep up with the music.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday to your baby!

    Sounds like you and Randy communicate well and obviously that is the important thing.

    An outdoor kitchen sounds great to me!

    Reading blogs like yours, where good stuff is happening, is helping me get through my bad stuff, so thank you.

  8. 65 emails!

    sounds like someone is smitten.

  9. First off, Happy Birthday to Squeaky!

    Second... well, today I don't have a second. Got to scoot. Bye!

  10. It all sounds so wonderful. Happy birthday to your boy. My girl turns 18 in 3 weeks. Eek!

    I hate moving. I usually get to a point where I throw everything in garbage bags and sort it later.

  11. Thanks for the song. I feel so special. So how many emails is that going to be in 51 days? Take care and it will all come together. Happy birthday to Squeaky.

  12. My folks have a second stove/oven outside and they love it, especially when it's hot and they don't want to cook inside.

    I don't envy the decisions you're going to have to make about what stuff to take with you. Then again, it may be easier for you if you're not a packrat like me.

    Happy 18th to Squeaky, although for some reason I thought he was older.

  13. Oooo!! Jealous. Our last place had a Jen-Air with the grill in the kitchen and then we moved to a place with electric. No comparison! Once I got sick of cleaning it and decided to line the pan under the grill with foil (yeah, rocket science), I used it a lot. And the downdraft vent worked pretty good so it never got very smelly in the house.

  14. laura b.-- I will tell Squeaky, thank you! He will like that.

    Yes, things are great with the man and the move.

    Clearly I have been so twitterpated that I have missed what has been happening in your neck of the woods. My apologies... I will check out back blogs and catch up! I am glad that my happiness helps. You have been a big support to me that I am thankful to have... I wish to reciprocate.

  15. billy pilgrim-- Yep and this believe it or not is a fairly quiet man. I am loving it.

  16. Suldog-- I will pass that on for you. Thanks!

  17. Churlita-- Thanks... and yeah, Eek! is right.

    I will do a similar thing with moving involving boxes and trash bags. Though most of my clothes live there already. But this may be the first time that I felt that moving was fun. Ha.

  18. Jill-- For me it's more like mmmmmmm...

  19. Shife-- You are most welcome and you should feel special! I thought of that song after reading your 40 list yesterday. Of course the content has zip to do with you... you have no desire to run away from your wife and adorable son.

    51x65=3250 emails. If his fingers hold out that long. Ha. To date he has sent 2803 and yes, I've kept every single one.

  20. Cube-- You probably thought he was older because he moved out. I was 17 when I moved out too. He's a mature sort of fellow.

    I am a horrible pack rat! Horrible! I have stuff from my kids that you would not believe... papers from kindergarten, outfits, etc. that I can't seem to part with and that is hard. But I think I have a good solution... give them to my kids!

  21. KenV-- We used to have a Jen Air before this and I loved it. Thanks for the tip on the foil. I love the down vent. No steamed up glasses.

  22. happy birthday to squeaky and congratulations on your impending move. i'm happy for you both :)

  23. lime-- Thanks! I will pass that on to Squeaky.
    50 days and counting them down.

  24. I think you may be right about Squeaky.

    BTW my eldest daughter is 20, going to college and living at home so I can't give her the school stuff I've been saving for more years than I care to remember.

  25. Very cool on the outdoor kitchen idea, and happy birthday to Squeaky!

  26. Cube-- I know how that goes! I am finding it easier to part with this stuff now... since moving it would be a royal pain. Ha.

  27. secret agent woman-- Thanks! I will tell Squeaky.

    I love the idea of the outdoor kitchen. The weather has been outstanding there and we live on the patio. I can hardly wait.