Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday!

Nice to know that my particular brand of temporary insanity has kindred spirits out there.  I wish I had a giant parakeet to travel with me.

The plan is that I will move something down each time I drive home now.  There are 7 weekend trips home (including today's) until my 8th and final trip.
I have concerns.  The amount of available space in a Ford Aspire is certainly at issue.

Weight and gas use is another.  You know I am looking forward to the patio and yard, being a garden nut.  Randy has a strawberry pot that has nothing living in it, even weeds.  So as I sat in sanctuary on that patio and saw that... I knew where it would go and what would go in it.  I love these pots!  They come in a great variety of shapes.  I have two of my own that I fill with things that "trail" out of the pockets.

I knew as soon as I spied his, that mine would flank it in a tidy row across the end of the patio.  I saw them in my head in full bloom.  So yesterday when I was packing the car, one of the first things I put in there was the smaller of the two of my big strawberry pots.
As soon as I lifted it and waddled toward the car I began to think of how much more gas I'd be using to haul it... full... with me.  But once a thing is in my head, I don't let go.

The next thing to load was my antique bin table.  It's a nice pine double bin table.  One of the things that my mother gave to me.  It no longer has its bins... those were gone before she found it covered in icky beige paint in a St. Vincet DePaul's thrift shop when I was little.  She refinished it down to the wood.  When I was young it was more blond.  Now its a lovely amber that fits its age.  

I said to max... no problem, the legs come off.  The first three did, but one stubbornly refused to be removed without possible damage to the connection.
What would I do without Murphy's Law to challenge my thinker toy?

Then I get outside with the table and max holding it and realize something not good at all.  When Just did the work on my car, there was a key issue.  The key had snapped off part way in the ignition and some helpful person had locked me out.  This required getting into the car through the hatch.  Just removed the hatch lock.  Now one must climb inside the car to open the hatch.  So as max stood there... holding a one legged table...I climbed into the back seat and fiddled with the lock until I popped it open.

I had no doubt that I could fit the table in minus the legs, but that stubborn limb called for creative angling.  Eventually we figured it out after several failed attempts and managed to get it in at an odd angle.

At this point the art of packing took over.  I have things up the wazoo.  My car became a puzzle box and my things became candidates for unique spaces left open by the odd angle of the table.  A great deal of trial and error later, it was packed with this and that.
The big question then became would the hatch shut?
Murphy must have been looking away at that moment because it closed successfully BEFORE I was ready for it... leading me to believe that Murphy looked back in the nick of time.

The remainder of packing required wedging things in through the inverted triangular space behind the passenger seat when you flip the seat forward.
I can tell you this... a round table with non-removable legs and square boxes can fit through triangular holes!  Especially after lubricating with a few bloody marys... if you grit your teeth tight and push.

Finished at last, I stood back to view my efforts... and pant a few moments.  It occurred to me then that if the only way I can release the hatch latch is from the inside that there might be some trouble unloading.

There was only one thing to do.  Have another bloody mary before falling exhausted into bed... and leave that problem for Randy to puzzle out.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  If you know Shife... don't forget to stop in and wish him a happy 40th b-day Saturday... you can find him right there on my list at Confessions of a Dumb White Guy.

I have only these suggestions left;

Be safe.

Be with someone who makes you happy.



  1. Hilarious! You just take it out in the order you put it in. Oh, wait, you can't open the door. Which is what you figured out. HA! Take photos please.

    When an ex moved to California he asked me to pack up his car. I love that. Get everything out that you need to fit, and pack it all in. He was amazed. I was proud.

    M and I both like to do we'll have to learn to share.

  2. NoRegrets-- Packing is an exercise in creative thinking! I am enjoying it. I have my camera with me and I will try to remember to take photos to share. There are going to be plenty of opportunities. Ha.

    Best of luck to you and M with your similar efforts!

  3. Moving is like a giant jigsaw puzzle that you don't have an end result picture to consult along the way.

    I'm so excited for you. Moving might be a chore, but the idea of turning new corners sounds wonderful to me. I think you agree.

  4. BTW a giant parakeet might eat you and Puck so be glad you don't have one.

  5. Why doesn't he help you move?

  6. Cube-- Ha... I guess a giant parakeet would be a danger. Yes, I agree it is very exciting.

  7. haha! I had a little laugh picturing all of your car packing shenanigans. I totally vote for the Bloody Mary induced sleep at the other end with Randy boy figuring out the undoing :-)

  8. Peggy-- He is. It's 8 weeks off before my school year ends and I can move. At that time he is coming up with a truck. In the meantime, I am just taking stuff each time to help minimize the final move. The quicker I can get it done and go on that day, the happier I will be. Plus I'm staking out my claim on sanctuary. I'm doing something besides waiting for the time to pass.

    As for why he does not come up here... in case anyone wonders. Sanctuary has privacy that I do not have in Dumb Potter's Hell. It has things to do that are not up here. It has a bed. (I sleep in a chair up here.)

  9. laura b.-- I thought it was best! ;-)

  10. Well, you might recall I have difficulty just cleaning. Actual packing to move involves a bit more drama.

    Today I am trying to clean and move a couple pieces of furniture. Major drama there too, though not near as much as moving.

  11. laughing-- I can sympathise. I hate pushing heavy stuff around. At least none of this is too heavy. I have Max and Randy for that.

  12. i can't believe you're actually moving! wow~ can i visit your new town like i visited dumb potter's hell? i was planning on coming up this summer.....i gotta visit my ranch friends in ellensburg and my aunt in seattle.....but maybe i'll fly...... (see it's all about memememe....)
    you ever so deserve a new start!!!!!!
    ever so!!!!!!!!!

  13. C4C--Of course you can visit me!!!!
    I would love love that! I want you to meet Randy and we shall have a wonderful time. Now you have to come. I'm all excited.

  14. This has the makings of a comedy movie.

  15. I've put together loads that would scare the hell out of you. I've been known to put over 3000 pounds on a half ton pickup.

    Ford Aspire, if that engine hasn't been fixed it may not make that many trips. Better ask your honey to buy you a better running car.

  16. secret agent woman-- It took me forever to load the car... it took Randy only a few minutes to totally unload it.

  17. Billy B.-- The car did pretty well, but then I am careful with it. Randy did a compression check and it's fine. He also got the oil changed and will tune it up next week. I am well looked after. But it is old and there are no guarantees with an older car. Yes, he is getting me a newer car. We looked at a nice Mustang rag top this weekend that is only a couple of years old. We'll see what is good or not, but we will look around a bit.