Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yep.  This is Randy.  This photo was taken at a wedding he was in a couple of years ago.  He still has the long hair.  (Keeps it in a ponytail and down his shirt.)  Still has the beard... neatly trimmed.  Still looks like this.

See that cigar?  They smell so good!  A lot of cigars don't.  I've come to associate that smell with him.  In fact, as odd as it sounds, I keep a butt in my room to sniff from time to time.  Yah... I am a bit weird.  But I think you know that.  Ha.

Okay... can you believe that he's never seen Deadwood?  How do you miss Deadwoood?  Now I have to buy the set and let him enjoy it with me.

There you have it.  My fella.  I'm rather proud of him.

Here's a song to go with the photo theme. 


  1. Well, now I know better than to make any untoward comments at you. Don't want him showing up on my doorstep toting his shooting iron!

  2. What a photo! Looks like a real character - in a very very good way. Hey, at least it's a cigarette butt and not his underwear.

  3. Mo-- Indeed. You ought to see him with his clothes off.

    Normally he does not dress like that of course and I have never seen him in a cowboy hat.... ever.

    But as you can see, he's got a great sense of humor.

  4. Suldog-- Don't worry, I explained to him how you're the one who showed me my first dildo!

  5. Pamela-- Hahaha...I have a thing about smells and objects... whatever I associate with people in particular. I keep his lighters when they die too, though I think someday I'll use those in a mosaic.

    Yes, he is a real character. He tells these "Cuz" stories about him and his cousin (that I finally just met) that make me laugh until I near wet myself. But he is also very bright and well read.

  6. Shotgun wedding, was it? (Sorry, couldn't resist)

    I am so happy for you lovebirds. Really. "Bright and well-read" that's a good thing. In between the girl I almost married and the one I did, I didn't really date at all. I've said before I should have been a monk. I'm only partially kidding.

    Anyway, when I started dating Mrs. Cricket and told my sister, the first question out of her mouth was: "Does she read?" It's important, at least to those of us who think it's important. ;-)

  7. Cricket-- I was wondering which one of you would use that term... hahaha. (I said the same thing the first time I saw it.)

    Being well read is waaaayyyy up there on my priorities. Same goes for bright and funny. I can make adjustments for other things as needed but those three things must be there and be real.

  8. somehow the photo makes me think of the allman brothers band.

    congrats on reeling in a winner.

  9. billy pilgrim-- Me too. Or Van Zants.

    Thank you. Of course I don't know how well reeled in he is. Or if he can be.

    But things are good for now. I am happy.

  10. At least he passed the butt sniffing test. ha ha.

    I bet he loves the show Deadwood.

  11. Churlita-- LMAO!

    He's never seen Deadwood. That photo was taken for a wedding he was in... the bride and groom's choice of attire.

    Usually he's wearing a Raider's cap or a Duck's cap.

    (He is a very furry fella, but some of the hair on top has left.)

    I'll post a photo of how he looks normally. :-) But I do get a real kick out of this one.

  12. Even though he isn't in his daily attire, I think it says something about him that he can totally pull off the look :-) It is cool to be able to put a face with the stories!
    DR is a smoker and I can't approve of that...I want him to live forever! However, sometimes I smell someone smoking and get a little...well, whatever. I am like you with the smells thing.

  13. laura b.-- I know what you mean about health worries.

    It occurs to me that it will be easier in my head to keep DR straight in comments now that DH is Randy. Ha.

  14. Billy B.-- Me too, when I was in third grade. Ha. My dad was a real history buff and we went to all sorts of places.

  15. so it was a shotgun wedding was it?

  16. lime--hahaha that's what i said when i saw it too... and cricket asked the same thing. great minds and all that!

  17. Why does he keep his hair in his shirt?

    I associated smells with things do - sometimes it can zap me right back to early childhood. Although I have to admit the smell of a cigar makes me bolt for the closest exit.

  18. A very handsome cowboy.. was it a shotgun wedding..? lol

    some cigars do smell nice and others just reek..

    I'm a cologne lady.. Drakkar is my favorite manly smell..

  19. lime-- Hahahaha. Yep. Looks that way.

  20. secret agent woman-- I think its mostly because it curls up at his collar and goes there. I'm not sure really. But when he lets it down, it's ringlets. I like to play with it.

  21. Mrs.HarryWoman--
    Yes, i do believe that he is handsome. Certainly puts a hitch in my giddy-up! Though I must admit, I never cared much for Ag types. He's not Ag... country maybe.

    I love scents!!!!!!!!!!