Friday, April 30, 2010

Okay... it's not Christmas, but what a wonderful painting.

Outside it's sunny and its pouring down rain. I almost forgot I was in Oregon. Zito Von Frito managed to tangle himself around the tree again.
Honestly, this dog! He thinks that all he needs to do is walk around the tree again in the same direction. When that doesn't work, he does it again, only this time steps over the cable. When that fails, he goes around again and goes under the cable. He's trying to think his way out of it. I wish he would stop thinking!

Today was a fun day. I had the kindergarten all to myself the last half of it. It's kind of like trying to keep a couple dozen grasshoppers in place.
The end of the year crazies have infected them. It will only get worse as the school year draws toward a close. But they were funny and cute. I came home exhausted but happy.

Thursday night has become packing the car night. Max and I got an early start on it... sliding the Jen Air range top into the back hatch.
Packing the rest of the car was a snap since there is little space around that box. Meanwhile a pile of boxes have begun to inhabit the corer of my room. Next time boxes. I don't think the oven is going to fit in the car anyway. But we will see. I can always take it out of the box and packing.

The trip down the freeway will be interesting... the styrofoam packing
makes a lovely squeak as I drive. Thank goodness for music. Hey... maybe it will keep time and blend right in!

The world looks full of hope today. Tomorrow will be even better.
We are attacking the gun room this weekend. It makes me laugh! It used to be his mother's room... so it is bright pink... the color that every man's man cave should be right?
Plus it has white lace curtains with pretty butterflies across the top.
hee hee
His birthday is coming up next month and I am seriously considering buying him some sort of hot pink camouflage attire for a giggle gift.
Anyone got any ideas what I could get him for a real gift?

Happy Friday everybody!

Have a safe and happy weekend. Be sure to do something fun.


  1. Buy him some camouflage underwear!
    Good luck driving and not going nuts. I did it for only 20 miles and was about ready to kill myself. Blast the music!

  2. Pamela-- Boy you hit the nail on the head! That drive near makes me crazy by the time I get there normally. I'm thinking Dropkick Murphys, Misfits and maybe some Offspring to get me past the squeak. Loud and fast.

  3. Well, perhaps you might buy yourself some hot pink camouflage attire... sort of combine the ideas of giggle gift and real gift. Most men go for that sort of gift. Just a thought.

    I can't believe how many posts I've missed. Oy, these last two weeks... I bet Bayer stocks are up based on sales to me alone.

    I think the 100 bonus points are yours ;-)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Cricket-- Looking at my blog roll of late, you are not the only one not posting daily or busy. We all seem to be doing this less for one reason or another. I think its spring fever... or family override.

    Now there's a fun idea! Oooohhhh baby!

    Wow! A 100 "useless" bonus points! Thanks Cricket! That was a fun post. My oldest used to tell jokes at that age with a punch line so flat that Dr. Frankenstein could not revive them, but that in itself made me laugh.

  5. I was going to tell you to wrap yourself in a pink cammo bow for his birthday, but someone already beat me to it. It must be a great idea. Ha ha. Have a great, relaxing weekend.

  6. how about a dick cheney bobble head doll and a few pounds of reeses pieces.

  7. I am the worst present giver ever, so I won't offer up any advice. I have a feeling that he'll love whatever you come up with.

    Have a great weekend fixing up the homestead!

  8. I think you should combine Cricket and Pamela's ideas and buy yourself some pink camo undies to wear when you're with him. Men always like gifts they can take off you.

  9. Churlita-- The weekend has been fun and relaxing. We didn't get much done but we have been having a great time.

  10. billy pilgrim-- You may have something there! He is fairly conservative and he's certainly a reesee's pieces fantatic. Ha

  11. secret agent woman-- Hahahahahahaha!
    I hadn't thought of it that way. Sounds fun to me.