Monday, May 3, 2010


Here's a laugh... BTW, yesterday was "Laughter Day".
Did you have a good laugh?

In all honesty, I did not laugh nearly as much on Sunday as I did on Saturday and Friday. Sunday has developed sort of a low for me.
Randy sleeps more than I do. I am a hyper person. I pop awake around 4:30 AM and there is no sense staying in bed watching someone else sleep.

I have fallen into this pattern at home in sanctuary. My eyes fly open and I snuggle for a time until it becomes clear that there is no way that my brain will turn off now that it has booted up. Restlessness sets in, I give up and and grab my clothes from the night before and tip toe from the room.

There is a short period where I make a pot of coffee, do a crossword puzzle and smoke a bit out in the shop. The shop is a great place.
It has a pellet stove... all the equipment and tools of course... but it also has TV and a DVD / CD surround sound system. It is very comfortable.

When my system is fully booted... and you know it takes some time to get my brain up to speed with my body... this is the time when I do cleaning jobs or baking. Not everyday cleaning. For example, this weekend it was cleaning out the fridge and mopping the kitchen floor. Last weekend I made a double batch of giant monster cookies. Either way it gives the house a nice smell. But then, I like the smell of bleach water and everyone likes the smell of warm cookies.

Once my project is done, I like to shower, toss my dirty clothes in the hamper and then slip back into bed.

However, Sunday has become the day where I wake up and think... crap, I have to drive back to Max's house today. That attitude affects me all day long. It needs an adjustment of attitude from "oh crap" to "Yeah, another weekend trip down... ONLY 5 more to go!" and stop sulking.
I'll work on it. As it stands... 39 days before I move for good and 12 of those will be spent with Randy at home... only 28 in Dumb Potter's Hell.

This was another quiet homey weekend. Randy takes care of problems with his mom's renter... who just happens to live next door to T. A recent wind storm blew big limbs off of an old plumb tree a few days before... so Randy and I loaded up the loppers and chain saw, hooked up the utility trailer and went over to clean the mess up. It took most of the afternoon with a Duck's football break in between. We expected only a load of debris, but found upon our arrival that the renter had decided to chop down the entire tree. All that remained of the plumb monster was a giant trunk.

Football already? You bet! This was a spring scrimmage of the Ducks number one and number two line ups. Due to some poor choices made by players who were given demotions for unethical behavior and the usual loss of seniors... we got to see the new players and replacements in actions. The Ducks won of course! Ha.

The only other thing of note from the weekend was truly bizarre.
When I arrived Randy said "You have got to see this..." and I followed him to the office where he brought up his email. "It is a bit delusional." he warned me.

There was the creep's response to Randy's email. It read something like this:

"Dear H-- She is my wife and the love of my life. If you think you love her enough to fight for her, then give me your phone number."

Delusional is the perfect word.

I never even met this crack pot! I hardly chatted with him.

Randy was smart enough not to use his usual email address when he contacted him. Neither of us intend to have any further contact with the nut job. Like Randy says... that's what the delete button is for and yes, we both reported him. I never gave him any real information of importance... not where I live or anything. Still, I'll be happier when I am living in sanctuary for good. I'm also happy that I am living in Max's house and not alone.

Happy Monday folks. Yuck. But then, if I may play Pollianna for a moment... it's only 4 more days until I can go home to sanctuary.
Hurry June!


  1. I love the fresh smells of a clean house and baking.. it kinda all ties in with one another.. have a great Monday too!

  2. Mrs.HarryWoman-- Those smells make a house smell like a home to me.

    You have a wonderful day too!

  3. It's good to have avoided weirdos. Scary weirdos.
    Do you go to bed early ? Or are you one of those that only needs 5 hours sleep?

  4. You are so close to being a full timer.

    I'm also glad you don't have to worry about that creeper anymore. How scary!

  5. Pamela-- Most nights I can only sleep between 4 to 6 hours and do not nap later. Every couple of weeks I'll sleep up to 7 hours but there is generally quite a bit of flipping around the last couple of hours.

  6. Churlita-- I"d be more creeped out if I did not live with Max.

    I am going to make it there.

  7. Wow, was that the emailing guy from before? Yikes.

  8. Stay positive, Ananda. You are almost there. I was going to say "almost to the finish line", but realized it is more like the starting gate :-)

  9. Scary guy. Pretty sure DH will get rid of him once and for all. Still. Glad you have Max with you.
    Now for that picture you posted. The one with half a Batman with a knife through his neck? I personally believe Robin did it. Got tired of playing second fiddle.
    Have a lovely week. You're almost back in your Sanctuary.

  10. secret agent woman-- Yes that was his response to Randy telling him to leave me alone, that I was not interested and we were in a committed relationship.

  11. laura b.-- I know. I'll get there and every day is one day closer, each trip one trip less. Thanks for the encouragement. You always have such a positive attitude.

  12. Peggy-- Hahahaha! I was wondering if anyone would respond to poor Batman's plight! (He's actually a bank and it's one of Max's many sharp objects.)

    Yes, there is something very reassuring about a young man with an aluminum baseball bat, and a heck of a swing.

  13. 4:30 is an excellent hour to walk your brindle pit. the air is fresh and the dog can usually run free.

  14. billy pilgrim-- Excellent point! Just what I thought too. In fact, walking with me is one of the main reasons we wanted to get her.

    Sadly, I have to wait until I move to get her... we want her to bond with both of us at the same time... and she needs to be walked and exercised everyday, even though her yard is big and there is plenty of room to play. She needs to be socialized young. I have summers off, so it's a good time.

    I think we are getting her from a rescue center where they have a lot of pits! Any suggestions on how to pick a good one?

  15. I also have this problem of waking up hours earlier than others and having to find something quiet to do. This is probably why I kept the blog going for so long (though after I found hulu it was not my only option and now I don't blog as much).

    Today is even worse, as I am writing this from a motel room, and there is no other room for me to be in. So no hulu, as I must keep the sound off. And no lights, so I cannot even go and brush my teeth yet.

    I think breakfast will start soon and I will go downstairs for some cereal.

  16. Sounds like a somewhat dangerous delusional idiot. Probably nothing beyond words, but be careful!

  17. laughing-- the shop has everything I could want... music, tv, etc. But I find if I do something fairly physical then I can head back to sleep later. Wow stuck in the motel like that must be a challenge.

  18. Suldog-- I will be extremely careful.

  19. Wow. I had to do a little research on past posts to get the full story. My, my, you do attract the crazies, don'tcha? Is it possible "Creep" and "Mr. John Thomas" are the same guy? I wonder....