Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is an old fire grate that I planted.  Like my weeds?  I like to find unusual things to plant in.  This one will go in the front yard on a berm.

I began inventory today.  The library is supposed to be closed right now through the end of the year.  However, a sub, who did not know any better decided to bring in a class of 8th graders to work on the year book where there is more space.  I do have space and normally welcome my student visitors.  However, time and experience have taught me that Middle School students and inventory are a disaster.

  True to that bit of wisdom, it was just a matter of time before one of the students... who had been requested to stay out of the area that I was working in... tripped over my inventory computer's cord and wiped out all the inventory I had done for the day.
Lord, give me patience!
I know that accidents happen, but we are talking about the "Easy" section where the books are skinny and many.  I have over 13,000 books in my small library.  All need to be inventoried in the next 10 days if I am to leave as scheduled.  I am the sole scanner of books.  Yikes!

So I have asked the 5th grade teacher if she can loan me some students to scan.  Here is an irony... 5th grade students are far more responsible and reliable than Middle School students.  They love being given a task of great responsibility and are careful to do a good job.  Middle school students tend to think of chores like this as punishment that can be blown off in a number of ways.  
Give me a 5th grader any day!

But now I am home and very excited.  This time tomorrow I will be on the road home again.
Yay!  Yay!  Yay!
This weekend Randy and I will drive back on Sunday for my big things... my oak table that served as my shelter from thunder storms as a child and three iron beds.
All are antiques.  The full sized iron bed was something I found for $15 a bazillion years ago at a thrift shop... covered in rust and lovingly restored.  It will go in Randy's mom's room.  Yes, she has her own room in our house, though she has her own house.  They often need to come to town and do things.

The twin beds are very cool, with sunflowers on a vine in the ironwork.  Those I intend to refinish and sell.  Originally I got them for my grand daughter, but I'd be afraid that her mom would sell them now that she and Boo have split up.  So I may as well fix them up, sell them and be sure that the money goes into a college savings account for Sukey.  They are hers and any profit from selling them is hers as far as I am concerned.

I find myself in a strange place and mood today.  I walk through the box on rocks and see things that I still need to pack up and take.  Nothing of value to anyone but me.  Things my kids have made me over the years, an antique trunk filled with my Christmas stuff.  Not much really and it can all go inside the way back in the Aspire.

The next time I return here, I will be living out of WalMart eco-friendly bags.  I will have one four day week, a short weekend of two days at sanctuary with the man and then my final 5 days of work.  

That last week will be a killer.  It will be the first full week of work that I have had in awhile with no way of cutting it short.  Drat!
In the middle of the week, the students will have their last half day at school.  There will be an assembly for awards and such.  I suspect that one of the classes will do something as a good-bye to me.  Our graduating class will be given our traditional good-bye, which means the rest of us line the hall and clap as they board the bus.
Watching all of them all board the bus for the last time will be hard for me.  I have had their parents as my students.  Many of whom have spent nights in my home and have been close friends with my own children.  Most of my students I have known since they were still inside their mothers!

That same day is the end of the year pot-luck.  I tried to skip it.  Good-byes are not easy for me.
However, my boss has informed me that my presence is mandatory.  Crap!
On the bright side, we will have it off campus so I can at least temper my attitude with some ale.
There's always a silver lining if you look for it.
Big grin.

Okay.  Enough babble.  I wish all of you a happy and safe Memorial Day holiday spent with people you hold dear.  I may or may not post on Friday morning.  The man will be at work and I will be lazing about, enjoying what time I have there before the long haul begins.

One last thing... if you know a living vet, take the time to thank them.  If you have lost a vet... then know that I for one will honor them on their day.
I know I am not alone in this.


  1. First! (Don't you just hate that?).
    Lovely post, Ananda.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. With the big move coming soon, I was wondering what is going to happen to the home on wheels. Is someone buying it? Is it not yours to sell? Are some of the adopted kids going to use it for a while? If it is still yours for a while, and there's no responsible person living in it, it will be a hassle driving back and forth to look after the place until it is sold or moved or whatever.

  3. Peggy-- Kind of puts you on the spot doesn't it? Ha. I will... you too!

  4. laughing-- Yes, I did own it outright. I'm signing the mobile home over to my number two son. He is bringing in a roommate.

    I will have no worries about having to take care of it or waiting to sell it. I get the satisfaction of knowing that he still has his home
    and a leg up on getting started in life. He's 22.

  5. I think with middle schoolers its the surge of hormones addling their brains! Hope the weekend is lovely for you.

  6. I feel the energy vibrating through your post :-) Lots going on, little time left...but not little enough. haha! You are soooo close. Have a wonderful long weekend, Ananda Girl.