Sunday, May 16, 2010


Fun weekend, as usual.  I was kind of busy with the yard at sanctuary.  See the tub of weeds I pulled?  I also sawed dead wood out of the Japanese Maple trees and did some pruning.  Then T dropped by with the bulbs that Randy bought from T's son's school fund raiser.  Add to that the veggie plants that I bought from my school's science class... and we have a ton of yard stuff to do.  Next weekend we go get the stuff so that Randy can build a nice raised bed for my veggie garden.  I'm pretty excited about that.

We had some fun figuring out where to put the outdoor kitchen and what kind of cabinets we want.  There was of course a BBQ for two... Saturday we split T-bone and today we split a jalapeno and cheddar burger.  I can't even recall eating on Friday.  Now that's odd.  Oh well, the rememberer is broken.
This morning he made the eggs again.

More Firefly episodes.  We started at the first and are making our way through them all.  We also like the Merlin series on SciFy.  Both of us were very excited about seeing this week's episode.  Merlin was finally going to get caught using magic and possibly executed.  We opted to play it on the surround system in the bedroom, but neither of us can recall seeing more than a few minutes.  Both of us went out like lights. Oh well, it will be repeated.

There you have it.  Probably sounds like a dull weekend.  Nope.  Normal and sane is good for me.
The drive back went fairly fast now that it is staying light longer.  It feels faster anyway.  Squeaky was here with X and Boo and Max when I arrived.  That was a nice treat.

I did what I always do when I get back to Dumb Potter's Hell... checked my email for my good night from Randy.  Yep, it was there.  So was another email.  This one very unexpected.  Larry contacted me.   Things did not work out with the ex.  He wondered how I was.  So I sent one back and told him that I was happy and about Randy, my moving in with him, etc.  I doubt that I will hear from him again.
I suggested he try eharmony.
Randy and I still laugh every time an eharmony commercial comes on the TV... because we both thought that it wasn't working... and we were both each other's first eharmony contacts.
It really does work... how corny is that?

I took this a few hours before I left today.
Well, you can't tell by the photo... but there are a bunch of crazy little black birds in the trees and the yard.  I mean an entire flock of the silly things and they were cheeping and hopping like mad as they picked through the bark dust.  I've seen Sparrows do the flock orgy thing, but never little black birds hunting bugs in packs.
They were pretty entertaining.

Well, hope your weekend was fun.  Did you do anything special?  Hey... Red Sox and the Yankees are playing!  Any bets on who wins?


  1. I find your BBQ diet incredible. And I'm envious. You guys have a BBQ every day, or just every other day?!

  2. Funny, I made a "fridge-cleaning" scramble for breakfast yesterday and thought of you. Mine was: leftover basmati, fried in some oil Chinese style, to which I added, onion, chopped collard greens, diced ham, habanero, fried up, then the eggs. Ok, it was more of a fried rice than a scramble, but surprisingly tasty. And it used up the oddments.

    All this BBQ talk makes me want to grill. Maybe I will today. Thanks.

    The Sox always win, even if they lose ;-) My older son is dismayed at how many Yankee fans there are in RI. It's considered acceptable here. In Boston, wearing Yankee paraphernalia in the wrong place can get you killed, or at least badly beaten. Seriously.

  3. Mo-- Randy loves to fire up the grill and to eat outside, so right now, yes. The weather has been beautiful and his grill can be adjusted not to waste gas by cooking just one patty or the single steak.(We split a portion).

    When we get the outdoor kitchen in... we sit there while stuffed peppers cook and sip an ale. There is something about eating and cooking outside.

  4. Studying you monkeys amuses me. You say that you wouldn’t fix up your old place cuz the landscaping belongs to the trailer park so you go somewhere else and just dig in fixing up a much bigger yard that belongs to someone else as if it belongs to you. But it doesn’t, you’re just shacking up with someone that owns the property, unless you went and got hitched up you’ll have no claim to anything you did if things turn sour. It’ll just turn out to be Dumb Potters Hell 11.

    Very interesting, monkeys are good at lying to themselves, will be interesting to see how things are in a year. I’d mow my grass but I’m too frigging lazy to and I don’t give a rats ass how it looks. :-)

    I am going to plant a few seeds in my joke of a garden but they’ll have to get tough or die cuz I have better things to do than baby sit some damn plants. I got camping and boating to do, and beer to drink.

    Well, hope your weekend was fun. Did you do anything special?

    It was okay, I damn sure didn't go any yard work, made a special chair for Helen and went to the beer church for a while.

  5. I wish I could find a woman stupid enough to fix up my place for some breakfasts and BBQ’s and a few romps in the hay.. Hehehehehe

  6. Cricket-- The rice and egg scramble sounds wonderful! Lots of good stuff in it that I like.

    Your egg dish and Randy's are sort of like "whatchagot" stew... what cha got is what goes in it.

    I can't wait to see the game! Of course I won't be watchng it on Randy's giant screen... only on my 13 inch. Grumble.

    Enjoy your BBQ if you grill today. I won't be with Randy for 4 days... so no BBQ until then. Savor a bite for me, please!

  7. Billy B.-- You have a flaw in your logic.

    The difference between what I am doing here and at the mobile park is that RANDY pays for it and I get an awful lot out of the relationship.

    I can tell you this, I would not screw someone as insulting as you are let alone live with them. I do have ethics. Just telling you the truth.

  8. Yeah, Cricket's fried rice sounded good to me too. I'm a big fan of the BBQ too, especially because that's Mr. Cube's domain. All I have to worry about are the side dishes.

  9. Cube-- It is nice to have someone else cook for you isn't it?

    I know you are rooting for the Yankees and Mr. Cube is rooting for the Red Sox. I think its wonderful how you can do this and be good sports.

  10. Your weekend does not sound at all boring to me! It sounds just wonderful.
    You know, I kept having a sneaking sensation you'd hear from Larry again. His loss :-)

  11. laura b.-- It was lovely.

    Well it surprised me when Larry emailed. I wish him luck.

    I think its my gain... I would have never met Randy. I can't imagine that anymore.

  12. Oh you finally bit back. :-)

    So, isn't it soul satisfying to be doing all that yard work? And that bulb mix is going to be so amazing as time goes on. I'm really happy for you.

  13. secret agent woman-- Yes I did.

    Yes, it is a wonderful feeling to work hard at something, be able to stand back and see the results... both at the time (as in no weeds) and in the future when the bulbs bloom. I like working hard too. Randy would have sawed the branches for me if I had asked, but I like the physical aspect. He did tell me when I was using the wrong saw and it sure made sawing easier. Ha!

  14. poor old larry, he's just like a brother to me. maybe you know someone stupid enough to fix up his place in exchange for a few meals.

  15. billy pilgrim--
    I am sure as nice a guy as Larry is that he will find a nice lady to take care of his needs... and then some. ;-)

  16. I'm glad you found Randy and weren't available when Larry emailed. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all but it would be hard to trust him after what happened.

  17. Churlita-- You are right. He was a nice man, but you know... if it wasn't right then, then how right would it be later?