Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A sabertooth cat from the OMSI field trip about a month back.

The end of the year crazies are setting in among the students and staff.
The last month of school has ever been difficult for me... well because the students become difficult. We all have some form of spring fever making us want to jump out of our chairs and bust loose into the outdoors.

For the students it means more joking around, more horseplay, an increased activity level on the playground... which leads to more accidents, ice packs and calls to mom or dad... more trips to see the principal and extremely short attention spans.

For the staff it means more activity outside of school, leading to less rest, shorter tempers and apologies after the blow ups. Yes, we are the more mature ones!
It also means more paper work to tie up the year... reports to file, inventories, next year's game plans and our yearly evaluations.
(Boo hiss on evaluations! Though I did manage to ace mine... you still dread them.)

Here is an excellent example: I have a student that I am trying to teach the basics of writing. We have a very clear and easy set of plans that come in layers. It begins with a form of sorts:
Topic Sentence
Three Main Points
Details for the 3 Main Points
Conclusion Statement

All that is required is that you fill in the information. Simple really.
This child has been working on this simple form for two days with little progress.
I looked at the odd things she had written on the form... way too complex and off topic for what is required for a brief idea organizer... took a deep breath and said
"Let's just focus on your topic sentence. You know your subject is 'my favorite pet'.
So, you want to include what your pet is and its name. Okay?"

She wrote: "Sweet roses grow, violets show, it is summer, the sun is so low."

The last 26 remaining days of school will be a real trial... add to that my overwhelming desire to be moved home to sanctuary and I think the school should fear that I may begin eating our young... and the dragon lady better watch it too. I have zero to lose now. I'd be happy to slay the dragon before I go.

(There is always a dragon lady or male counterpart isn't there?)

On the Randy front... things keep getting better. Looks like we get to see Willie Nelsen and Pat Bennatar too. Very cool beans. He's been the sound man in a few bands over the years. Its great to have music in common. It has always been a big part of my life. Oh, in case you think I am being spoiled... well I am, but he has been going to lots of concerts for a long time. I'm happy as a clam to share it now.

Tomorrow: a meme from C4C. Too late to include it today, but a fun one.
Have a great Tuesday. May it pass swiftly!

One last note. Sadly, Lynn Redgrave passed away today from complications from breast cancer. Let it serve as a firm reminder to get a mammogram as required ladies and you fellas... check your women and be sure they go! I lost my mom that way and several friends now. They have come a long way since my mom passed, but early detection is still the most important way to keep your life.


  1. Okay, that girl has no idea what she's doing, but her mind sure does work in an intriguing way!

    Aren't you glad there are no saber toothed cats tp contend with? Those fangs are something else.

  2. Please tell me Willie Nelson and Pat Benatar are separate shows?

    Go for it. Eat a few young 'uns then slay the dragon. You'll feel great! Life is short! I'll say a prayer to St. George.

    I can remember the full names of every principal and assistant principal I ever had. Most of the secretaries, too, if that tells you anything: "Hi Louise, is Mr. Dunbar free? No? Well, I'll just take a seat over here. Whenever he's ready for me. No hurry, now. How's the family?"

    My end-of-the-year crazies lasted from September to June.

  3. That little girl is a poet. Think of this song, which I'm sure you know.


  4. someone should give the little girl a blank journal and tell her she is a poet. let her fill up the pages with her own writing and drawing. she has things she needs to express. if she has that forum maybe she can concentrate a little better on the other writing that is required.

  5. secret agent woman-- I am very glad those cats are gone.

    She is an interesting, extremely intelligent and highly manipulative child. I failed to make my point that she is totally able to whip that sentence out in mere seconds but is playing an evasion game... and I am losing.

    On her behalf I will say she has a horrid home life and many issues.

  6. Cricket-- Yes, separate shows. Ha! I bet you visited with them all!

    I'll sharpen my teeth and sword.

  7. Pamela-- Ha. Flowers are Red!
    Here is today's installment from her:

    life is ruff
    time is tuff
    sometimes a smile is luck
    you are tuff
    just too ruff
    lust so tuff!

    She is different for sure. I found the last line troubling.

  8. lime-- It has been done, but unfortunately there are forces outside of our protection that restrict her every movement so utterly that it is a wonder she can breathe.

  9. Hang in there Ananda girl. Only a few more weeks to go and then you are done. And good luck with your special writing project as it sounds like you need it with the student you are trying to help. Take care.

  10. You are sooooo close. I've always had a dragon person everywhere I've worked. Slay it. ha ha.

  11. The dragon lady...haha! Yes, of course we have one too.
    Any lines on jobs in your new home town?

  12. Mr. Shife-- I will! Yep, she's a handful and a half. But I like her and will send her post cards from time to time.

  13. Churlita-- Thank god! That dragon is cruising for a bruising. Today she held me up so long that the cook tossed what was left of lunch.

  14. laura b.-- No, not bites yet. Kind of scary actually. But my back up plan is to get funding and return to college if nothing else.
    And if all else fails, I have had tons of retail experience to tide me over until something comes up. I have never been without a job more than two weeks... even in tiny Dumb Potter's Hell. I am optimistic on that count.