Monday, May 24, 2010


Ha... I found this gem and loved it.  Fits my sense of humor.  Hope you enjoy it!
I am dedicating it to my creep.

I think it may have a commercial in front... ignore that.

Here is an iris I found blooming in my new yard.
How cool is that?

And here is a stump with some great fungi.

Friday fish.

 Yum... BBQ swordfish.

My photo program makes this look squat... it's pretty tall actually.  I collect strawberry pots and stuff them with everything but strawberries.  I used to grow strawberries, but between the birds and too much rain, I gave up.  In the long run it became cheaper and less frustrating to just buy them.

On a sour note... remember the creep that Randy told off?  Well, he showed up requesting to be my friend on FB.  No frigging way!  I am sure that he is bright enough to know that I would not accept him.  That means he is just trying to let me know that he has found me.  Or maybe he contacted everyone with my name on there and hoped for an angry response to tell him which one I am.  I don't know.  But you know that FB is terrible about giving out information. Yikes.

Creepier, the request said we had one friend in common. Now that does bother me.  So a word to my FB friends who are also bloggers... if anyone says that I am their friend and wants to connect with you...
Don't do it!

All the more reason to get to sanctuary as fast as I can, get all my ID etc. changed into my new name and vanish.  Sheesh!  It's always something.


  1. It seems like forever since I had swordfish steak. But I pine for it, especially so now.

  2. I love irises and also that great shelf fungus.

    I had a weird experience with a creepy guy on FB recently. I guess the internet makes it a lot easier for unpleasant people to go after you.

  3. I'm not sure that was quite the intent of "pray for those who persecute you." Funny clip, though.

    Yellow iris? I did not know they came in yellow.

    Hm. More BBQ. I really have to get out and clean that grill.

  4. BBQ swordfish sounds delicious. Now I want some too.

    Sorry to hear about your creepy stalker finding you on FB. As fun as it can be, the Internet does provide kooks more opportunity to scare the rest of us. Just keep your guard up and your eyes open.

  5. Mo-- I love fish of any kind. Right now we are eating the more expensive fish, but soon we will be catching brook trout close to home. Mmmm... fresh trout!

  6. secret agent woman-- I could have my own law like Murphy's. It would go "If there is a creep in the room, he will attach himself to me".

    I was so happy to find those lovely iris and the shelf-fungus.
    Thanks for telling me what kind it is.

  7. Cricket-- Ha... I know its not the intent of what the preacher meant, but it is funny. BTW, it really does work if you take the advice seriously. But you likely knew that.

    I think we might still be barbequing next December in the snow. Ha.

    I once saw an iris that looked like it had been tye-dyed!

  8. Cube-- It was quite tasty. I bet you have wonderful fish selections there where you live!

    Thank you. I will be extra cautious. Last night I got a call from a number I did not know and did not call it back. They left no message. So phooey on that!

  9. I really like that strawberry pot! What a lovely thing to collect.

    I'm sorry about your very persistant creep. Surely he will give up soon.

  10. Ew! Scary. It's weird when people don't get the hint. I would embarrassed if I bugged someone and found out they didn't want to talk to me and I'd leave them alone. I don't get some people.

  11. laura b.-- Well, my name, address and all IDs, etc. change in just 15 days. He won't know who to look for let alone where. He does not know about funch and this is the only place I have mentioned where I am going.

    Thanks. I like potted plants and put containers everywhere. Even at Max's house I had a nice container garden every year.

  12. Churlita-- I am like you. If I even suspect that someone does not want to speak to me, I'll go quietly away.

    Oh well. Some people need to be pests or downers. That's all I can figure.

  13. mrs deerhunter, it has a nice ring to it.

  14. billy pilgrim-- YIKES!!! Nope, I'll be living in sin. But maybe I can borrow that as a last name. I wonder what that costs? It does have a nice ring without the Mrs.

  15. You are changing you name? Huh.
    This person sounds kinda scary.
    Hey, make sure you go into the FB privacy area and fix everything to be only friends.

  16. Pamela-- Thanks for the tip about FB! I actually changed my name when my divorce was final... just haven't changed any of my ID etc. yet so that I could do it all at one time. They charge you for that at some places.

  17. That is pretty creepy.. Hope the bugger goes away.. before he knows what's good for him..!

    Love the plants and the pots you use..

  18. Mrs.HarryWoman-- Thanks on both counts! No matter. He will not find me. I will be long gone. Yay!

  19. that's continuing creepiness. keep an eye out and be careful.