Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MeMe YouYou

This is another OMSI photo... a turtle fossil!
Very cool beans.

Okay. I have burnt my candle at both ends here and feel like crap.
Looks like I require a sub and trip to see the doc. I thought it was asthma, but clearly by the rattle, it's some sort of reptile living in my lungs. You never know how much you like air until it gets evasive.

Max begs the query:

"Can you water-board Aquaman? Or does torturing him require fire?"

C4C sent me this meme... so I pass it on to those of you who do not mind memes. If you do not care for them, no sweat. Enjoy the photo... or feel free to gripe about anything you would like... or spout joy.

A. Three names I go by:
.silly rabbit

2. becca by permission

3. Rebecca by the carefully chosen few

B. Three places I've lived:

. in a box on rocks

2. under the bridge

3. Weldon courts

C. Three places I've worked:
1. cleaning toilets at the fair 10 hours a day. Ick But women stopped to thank me. Amazing how much better you feel about a shit job (pun intended) when someone takes the time to thank you for doing a good job.

2. car paper route…I can toss a paper over the top of my car and hit the front door square in the middle… in the middle of the night. Hee hee Remember to tip the paper lady!

3. 7eleven graveyard shift… “Why don’t you stop feeling yourself and buy that issue fella?” (Yes, I really did say that.)

D. Three things I love to watch:
men in general, randy in particular

2. baseball been berry berry goot to me!

3. football

E. Three places I have been:
1. the back seat of a 56 chevy belaire

2. the bottom of millerton dam with the all the lights out

3. the well of souls (does tripping count?)

F. Three people that email me regularly:
1.people who want to enlarge my manhood… I’d like to see them pull that trick off!

2. Russian women who want to date me… despite my refusal to respond

3. randy… 3,378 to date

G. Things I love to eat: (Oh my wasn’t this one tempting! )

1. miracle whip and peanut butter sandwiches

2. chicken livers smothered in onions and both cooked until they fall apart

3. red beans and rice

H. Three people I think will respond:
annie (C4C)

2. peggy

3. lime who likes memes

I. Things I am looking forward to:
1 moving… duh! Keep up would ya!

2. the new pit pup

3. finding out what the man has up his sleeve this weekend and um…elsewhere.

I'll keep you posted on what the doc says about my lung reptile.

A ridiculous fact: I had eleven lizards growing up... every single one was named George after my dad. George I, George II... etc.
I guess George Foreman didn't have the market on that idea.

Have a wonderful Hump Day!

BTW... I'm so glad you guys are out there to help keep me sane.


  1. You've lived "under the bridge"? Which bridge?!

  2. Miracle Whip & peanut butter? I eat some pretty strange things, so I won't make fun of you. But... Miracle Whip & peanut butter?!?

  3. I'm kind of with Sul on the miracle whip and peanut butter. Enjoy, but no, thanks.

    You forgot the bacon with the chicken livers. Yum.

    I wish I could paint some of the things I saw down at the well of souls.

    Funny subject line from a spam email: "is your girl feel down with your shorterPenis? our herbal pill can longer!" I wish I could have replied with a link to English lessons online.

    I thought that turtle fossil was a fresh-baked sourdough.

  4. I immediately thought the photo was a particularly delicious looking loaf of bread that you baked! Then I saw it was a turtle fossil... oookay.

    I thought my life was weird... then I read your meme answers. Heh heh. You win ;-)

    I hope your lungs start to cooperate very soon. My youngest has asthma and I empathize with anyone who has any breathing issues. Very scary stuff. Hang in there kiddo.

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon, Ananda.

    I loved your meme answers :-) And you know I love memes myself, so I will have to do this as well at some point!

    Oh, and I think a succession of Georges makes much more sense for lizards than for brothers :-)

  6. Feel better soon.

    the only same food I liked were the red beans and rice. Yum.

  7. I love your answers.
    though not your choice of food. ok, except red beans and rice.

  8. I think I just ralphed a bit when I thought about the butternut squash soup that would go with that bread.
    Dead turtle instead.
    Feel better soon, Ananda!

  9. That turtle looked like bread to me, too.

    Red beans and rice, yes.. The others - not me!

  10. I'll keep you posted on what the doc says about my lung reptile.

    Surprised I don't have one considering the years I've smoked.

    BTW... I'm so glad you guys are out there to help keep me sane.

    You wouldn't know it if you was, therefore you may well be:-)

    I don't think that you are insane though. You just have some shorts in your brain. :-)

  11. While eating breakfast this morning I swallowed a tooth. I now officially look like a redneck or hillbilly. I hope that it doesn’t scratch my ass when it comes out. LOL

  12. You just don't hear that statement often enough BBC. I don't know you but hope that tooth has a smooth journey.

  13. I have those pesky lung reptiles when I get sickly.. It makes you feel weary and unmotivated.. I hope that The Doc finds that you are okay and if not at least give that pesky critter a way out.. That's a great Meme!

  14. take good care of your lungs please. oxygen is your friend.

    and may i say, you and i have a decidedly different set of taste buds. red beans and rice are the only things on that list which appeal.