Friday, April 9, 2010


Well I'm sure you all know that I'm off again to sanctuary for the weekend as soon as my work day ends.  Cool beans.

Lots doin' this time.  Randy's sister is going to be here from Arizona.  I'll meet her for the first time.
Saturday evening we are going to diner at T's house.  We get to see the finished newly remodeled bathroom he just finished putting in.
(Why yes... I am from the Department of Redundancy Department!)

Randy's youngest son is celebrating his 21st birthday tonight... Randy and T are going to take him out.
That gives me a fairly quiet evening visiting with his sister.  Its always a bit strange entertaining people you don't know by yourself.  Got any tips?

Since it's Friday... here's my Friday 5 for you folk:

1.What would you do this weekend if you could go or do whatever you wanted?

2. Who would you enjoy sharing that with?

3. What are you really going to do?

4. Who will you be enjoying it with?

5. What one thing are you absolutely NOT going to do this weekend?

Whatever  your answers... have a wonderful time!


  1. 1. & 2. i decline to answer as i plead the 5th

    3. i am going to be driving the mom taxi

    4. the people who made me a mom

    5. gut squirrels

  2. 1.What would you do this weekend if you could go or do whatever you wanted? I would love to go to the museum or science center

    2. Who would you enjoy sharing that with? my family

    3. What are you really going to do? probably nothing.. watch a movie.. relax and do laundry

    4. Who will you be enjoying it with? myself mostly.. I do everything.. so I have to make fun with that I

    5. What one thing are you absolutely NOT going to do this weekend?
    BBqing might be out of the question with rain in the forecast!

    Whatever your answers... have a wonderful time!

  3. I'm getting to do exactly what I want! Party with old bandmates on Saturday evening, then softball on Sunday! Woo-Hoo!

  4. lime-- I am delighted to hear that no squirrels will be gutted in your neck of the woods this weekend. Hahahaha.

  5. Mrs.HarryWoman-- I actually like doing laundry. There is something about nice warm things that smell so good!

    Knowing how to make daily things fun is a great gift to have. Enjoy!

  6. Suldog-- Woot! I can't wait to read about it. I enjoyed your post and music yesterday and you know how I feel about baseball.

    You are a lucky man. Have a great time my friend.

  7. 1 & 2 - Could I be magically transported somewhere tropical with someone fun?

    3 & 4 - Saturday I'm taking th kids to a music/art festival and Sunday I have a date. And in between all that I plan to do some gardening. So, I'm pretty happy about my weekend.

    5 - Eat any of the squirrel Lime isn't gutting.

  8. If I had my druthers, me & Mr. Cube would go to some hot beach and drink and laugh ourselves into oblivion, not worried about the economy or the kids or whatever.

  9. secret agent woman-- Ha! Those pesky squirrels. I'll be glad not to eat any too.

    Music festival sounds great. Your boys are delightful individuals.

    I hope the date is wonderful.

    Any beach is my favorite place.

  10. Cube-- Now there's perfection for me in a dream get away too. Only... no offense to him... I'll sub Randy for Mr.Cube and of course, me for you.

    That settles it... when I win the lottery... we'll all go to the beach, laugh ourselves silly and drink or not, like fish... depending on people's pleasure in that area.

  11. I would go to Costa Rica with my girls and hike and run and swim and bike and read books...Wait. how long do we have? Just a weekend? Okay. I better stop there.

    I'll be drinking wine by my fire pit in the evenings and working on my house and yard during the days. That's still pretty damn good.

  12. Churlita-- Both ideas sound great... the fantasy and the reality.

  13. i'm gonna start eating my easter candy and test the new screen in my pipe. maybe not in that order.

  14. Have a good weekend as well.
    1. Going to the Cardinals baseball game.

    2. My wife and son.

    3. Yard work.

    4. My wife and son.

    5. Drink Jagermeister.

  15. 5. What one thing are you absolutely NOT going to do this weekend?

    I am NOT going to be going on a date with a chick that wants to be spoiled. And 99.9999 percent of them want to be, they actually think that they deserve it.

  16. billy pilgrim-- I miss candy sometimes. Sounds good to me. Perhaps you and sample candy before and after you test that new screen. Big grins! Enjoy for me a bit. I miss that too.

  17. Shife-- Ah... the delicious Jagermeister! A divine intoxication!
    Well... cheers to you, the lovely Mrs. and that beautiful boy!

  18. Billy B.-- Yes, I do like being spoiled very much and I am. Do I expect it? Not really, just enjoy it. As for him... I love spoiling him too. You get what you put into things. I am a firm believer in that.

  19. 1. I would like to win a week or so at one of those beach health spa resorts where you swim and walk on the beach and get a massage and sit in a hot tub and then eat some wonderful seafood thing that is delicious but somehow helps you to lose weight.

    2. I have only had one short getaway with my sister, so I think she could use the week away too. (Though she does not need to be losing any weight, so she will be eating steak and chocolate.)

    3. For real I will be either doing hard work in the garden or cleaning or both (unless I get sick), but I will also probably go out for lunch and go to Home Depot and such.

    4. The cleaning part will probably be done alone, and the rest with my husband.

    5. I won't be making any money.

  20. I would say I hope you had a wonderful weekend in sanctuary, but I know you did :-) I was lucky enough to get to spend a long weekend with DR, so I am both happy and sappy.

  21. Laura b.-- I love that phrase... "happy and sappy" !

    What a perfect discription of the result of my weekend too. Ha.

    I am glad for both of us. Long weekends are nice aren't they?

  22. Does it count if I comment after the fact?? Hope you had a great one.

  23. Mr.Shife-- I had a wonderful time! Thank you for asking.

  24. Pamela-- Of course it counts. I had a truly wonderful weekend. Can't wait for next weekend now.