Thursday, April 1, 2010


Ah... that time of  year again.

Today most of the children in our elementary wing will tell me that I have a spider on me at some point.
I will do my best to act shocked and frightened.

The worst prank that was ever pulled on me was not meant for me.  I was living in the house with my four roommates in college.  This was the middle of summer and classes had ended the week before... I was enjoying myself by smashing tennis balls around with another gal I knew.  But Fresno in the heat is not a good time to run around on blacktop.  We had to stop after a short time and return to "the courts" (not the tennis ones, but the court where I lived) for something cold to drink and to sit in front of the fan before passing out.

I walked into our kitchen and opened the fridge.  No beer.  No milk.  No water.  Only one beverage seemed to have survived my four fine fellows.  One lonely Dr.Pepper bottle rattled inside the door.

I pulled it out and it had obviously been opened.  Yes, I should have known better.  Only Edd drank Dr. Pepper.  I figured he'd had a swig and then recapped it for later.
I knew that Edd would not mind if I had some and I could drive down to the mini mart and replace it.

I pulled the cap off... the kind that needed a church key to remove.  I was so overheated that I just leaned my  head back and let the cold liquid roll down my throat.

Most of the bottle was gone by the time the stomach sent an urgent message it my brain that there was a problem.

Randy, who was Edd's best friend at the time had decided to pull a prank on Edd with his soda... and had added dish liquid to the mix.

I puked for 2 days and you don't want to know what  was happening at the other end.

My only satisfaction was that Randy could not stop apologizing for poisoning me.  The more I puked, the worse he felt.  Fuck you very much!

To this day, I cannot drink Dr. Pepper to save my soul.

No matter what, I will be someone's April Fool today.
hee hee
I'm looking forward to that. 

I hope the pranks that find you are safe and actually funny ones.  Have you got a funny one or a terrible one you would like to share?


  1. I've never been too good at pulling April Fool's pranks. That one was pretty bad, though.

    I like the cubicle above. Yours?

  2. Aw, what a sad story...I love Dr Pepper and would be so distraught if someone ruined it for me!
    I am not good at pranking..pulling them or being the target. It seems I am lacking some essential fun loving gene or something :-) So, I will be laying low today....

  3. I'm not good at pulling them. No, its not my cubicle... but I thought it was a fun idea.

  4. laura b.-- I don't think you lack a fun loving gene... most pranks are not fun! I think you might have a wise gene that tells you to hide. ;-)

  5. I don't care for April Fool's Day pranks. They often seem mean-spirited. I think of it more as the welcoming day to a long stretch of warm weather.

  6. I was actually caught by one yesterday, first I've been fooled in many years. Too long and involved to detail here, but it involved an internet buddy of mine pretending that a significant other was having a cyber affair and enlisting my help to prove it. I was had!

  7. I never knew my maternal grandfather, but apparently he was devoted to biscuits for breakfast. My mother's great-aunt took delight in baking him biscuits filled with cotton balls every April Fool's. Every year, his reason was overcome by the scent of fresh biscuits, with the obvious result.

    My mother called my son yesterday to invite him up to see the whale that had been left in her yard by the floods. Honestly, she can't tell a joke worth a damn, but she pulls off her little pranks straight-faced. ;-)

  8. gads, what an awful prank to pull on someone you call a friend!

    the best one i ever pulled wasn't an april fools day one though. i had a friend who passed out on the floor after drinking. i sewed him to the carpet while he slept. it was pretty funny watching him try to get up when he woke up.

  9. secret agent woman-- That's a great way to look at it. I can't avoid it working at a school, but I can tell you that the little ones in particular have a blast pulling the silliest jokes you can imagine.

  10. Suldog-- Its nice to be had every once in awhile isn't it?

  11. Cricket-- That is too funny! Talk about light biscuits! I will remember it. Seems like an adaptable one too.

    Whale in the yard! I bet your son got a kick out of it.

  12. lime-- Oooohhhh... I love it! Wish I could have watched.

    Yesterday... April Fools Day... I snapped a photo that I will post later. We are a K-8th school. An 8th grade older brother nabbed his sister's mini Barbie... took her head off, taped Barbie's head in her hand and taped all on the locker of his younger sister.

    I don't know if the sister laughed or not. But it did look mighty funny and no one passed by it with a straight face.

  13. Oh man, that's so horrible!!! ack.
    I don't do pranks and don't like them... I'm not a good april fool's person...

  14. Well I hope you survived your April Fool's Day without too much drama. I don't blame you for not drinking Dr. Pepper. Take care and have a good weekend.

  15. Shife-- Oh yeah, I survived it well. No one has played any mean pranks on me in a long time. It was a fun day.
    Hope yours was too... and that the birthday party was a success!

  16. I feel bad about the April Fool's prank that I pulled this year. I really thought it was lame and everyone would see through it, but it turns out some didn't and for that I do feel bad.

    I'm a prankster from way back when... when am I going to learn?

  17. Cube-- I thought it was a very clever prank. I bet you are great at them. You have the blog equivilent of a poker face. Hee hee. I got a kick out of it anyway.

  18. The worst thing ever.. Yuck! and Double Yuck!