Thursday, February 26, 2009

37 Waterfalls

Today I went with my daughter and grandson to the pediatric heart specialist. He... baby has two heart murmurs, but hooray... they are not a danger and one will vanish within another year or two. So baby is great and we are all happy. "His heart is strong and has good blood flow."

On the way home from "the big city" I counted the waterfalls coming off the cliffs of the gorge... 37 of them. I want to go back and take photos of them. It was amazing. We had snow last night, but just a light dust and then the white water falls coming out of the snow... breath taking! That was 37 waterfalls in just 40 miles. I miss the California coast and San Francisco so bad I want to cry sometimes, but I would miss this place just as much.

The Hal 9000 is still on hold. Squeaky cannot even squeak properly. I'll have photos once it is done and I am anxious to get to that place.

I hope that everyone had a great day with a few laughs, some beauty and someone's affection. Life is good. Thanks for the laughs dmarks and billy pilgrim. It's good to be part of someone else's good day... and you were part of mine.


  1. That's very good news!

  2. Good news indeed. I had a heart murmur when I was a teen and I'm still tickin', so I'm sure that little guy will be just fine.

  3. Yes folks, it is great news! Glad you stopped by.

    Duck- Thanks, that is encouraging to hear.

  4. That's great news. Thanks for sharing it. We can all use some good news right now.