Saturday, February 7, 2009

feeling my way

Okay, you can tell I am new at this. Dah. Very new, but intrigued. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I don't expect that anyone will know to even look for me. It's all part of the process I imagine... to find a way to get your blog out there.
I am learning. For instance, I had no clue that I was a "lurker" for the most part. My son, my source of most things internet, tells me that a lurker is someone who reads but does not post. I was afraid to post at first. Didn't know what to call myself. I already have a zillion passwords and user names through my work and yeah, I even have a blog at work now that I think about it and it does not intimidate me the way this one does. Is it okay to be intimidated by your personal blog until you figure it out? Okay or not, honesty reins... I am. But I don't generally give into intimidation, so here I am.
So I lurked for a time. Then one brave day, I found dmarks question about patrick s. O'neil ( the s stands for Sean or is it spelled Shown?)' s comic from Kids Magazine way back in the latest 60s and earliest 70s called Sailor Tom. I happened to have gone to school with Patrick at that point in time and so felt compelled to offer my ort of information... that Patrick was a wonderful, fun person that we had all been proud to know. He was a good friend and I was sorry to have lost track of him over the years after I graduated. Good memories of great times!
So I did it. I added a comment and ceased to be a lurker. Unfortunately, I did not write down my password and screwed it up the next time I tried to post. I have been only able to operate the anonymous comment there since. Oh well.
So there it is folks, I am a "newbee" forgive my sins as I learn and give a shout if you see a way to help me out.

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