Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to oddles of funch!

Let me start out with a bit of history. The title, oddles of funch, comes from a blue tennis shoe (the kind they used to call a deck shoe)... mine to be exact... in the summer of 1969. I was 15 years old. My friend, Marianne, also known as Peaches, wrote it on the white rubber sides that wrap around the sole of my shoe. Like this: "rebecca scuddles is oodles of funch!" I awoke somewhat groggy to find it there and did not know who had written it. But the sun was shining and summer was calling and Santa Cruz was I thought little more on the matter. I did like the way it sounded. It was my odd thing. It had my name. It was about me.
Cool beans!

Two years later I was getting used to a new school... about a month into the school year. We had just switched buildings and there on the wall were giant sheets of newsprint for us to use as a way to communicate our thoughts and feelings about the school, each other and whatever crossed our minds. I sat down with my cup of coffee, ready to read the wall and see what was new...always interesting. There it was again... rebecca scuddles is oodles of funch! None of the people at the new school knew my shoe story. How did it get there? I don't know to this day. But that was the day that I decided to think about what the phrase actually meant.

Okay, confession here... I was a chubby gal. Yeah, there was some funch if that's what funch was. But it didn't feel right. There was not oodles of funch if funch was fat, only some funch. What could oodles of funch be? Over the years I have come up with all sorts of theories. It was too bad that I'd lost touch with Marianne or I could just ask her.

But you know, I own it now. She gave it to me and I can make funch out to be whatever it needs to be. The fact that it has stayed with me crys importance. I began some years ago to leave that message here and there on walls, under underpasses, on park benches, etc. for the world to ponder or pass it by. For what it's worth, at this point funch is words. I love to read them. I love to share them. I love to write them. I love to save them. Rebecca scuddles is oodles of funch! There, the ultimate graffiti... net-style!


  1. Hi. Took me a while to find your name and your blog!

    Welcome to the blogging world.

  2. Oh so cool beans! Not much of a blog yet, but it'll get there. Welcome dmarks! I read you every day now and enjoy your blog list tremendously! Thanks for stopping by. You made my day.