Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's been a busy few days.
Friday, I worked of course, but I love my job so much I wake up on Monday happy to go to work. Yes... sick, sick, sick. At the end of my work day, after I was off the clock, I was locking up the library and had to fix the door jam, which was stuck. My front door to the library opens to the main hallway. But I have a rear door that opens on the lawn and a playground beyond. It is the rear door that I had propped open earlier, since the weather was wonderful and the sun was shining. Once the sunshine hit me, I had to take a moment to soak it up and look around me. I try to take a moment everyday at some point to look around at the gorge where I live and remember to be thankful that I live in such a beautiful place. When I looked to the left, where the Science folk have their experimental beds, I found a fabulous patch of sweet tiny violets! I cannot tell you how much these silly little flowers energized me and made me feel hopeful that spring is truly almost here.
I thought immediately of Citizen, who is also looking for spring, as many of us are... and I have taken photos to share... eventually I will get them in here. (But that's part of my good day.) Anyway, Citizen, and anyone else who might be interested, I'm the Media Specialist in a tiny school in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The science lab is in the room next to my library. Our two rooms and the boy's restroom make up the middle portion of a giant U that is our building. These little violets are in the well protected corner of that U or we might not be seeing them for a while yet. I'm sure the science folk have planted them there. This particular bed is dedicated to native plant experiments. My door is the access to the garden beds.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Bear and I went shopping in P'land. We actually got out without any boy tag-a-longs... no offense guys, I love ya, but you don't want to shop with us! Or with the baby. This is in itself a red letter day and so rare. We ate Chinese at Fortuna Restaurant, which is inexpensive and delicious. I have a doggie bag that will last me through two more meals. Then we did shop until I had to sit in the car and let Tylenol talk my bum knee into shutting up.
We came home exhausted and prepared to be better dressed. The sales were good.

Now today... Sunday. I got up and did my usual walk. This is my quick post before I hit the shower. Today is the day that Squeaky builds my new computer! I am very excited. It does not take him very long. The boy is a whiz at this. He gets stuff from Tiger Direct and Good Egg. I also got my camera... yeah... and will soon be able to put the photos out there for folk to enjoy.
I have already gotten the violets to share and a photo of a de-icer truck for the scavenger hunt. So at some point today... the photos will be there. Cool beans!

Enjoy your day, no matter how grey! Fun is meant to be created, not always arriving unexpected. Hey Dropkick Murphies are not far away... about 200 miles and I was going to make the trip in my car that runs on curses and prayer... but they are sold out! Now I have to have a private Dropkick Murphy party of my own. I sure do wish I could be there instead! But that is life eh? If any of you are going... or have gone to one of their concerts... man, you are lucky, enjoy!


  1. I do believe that noticing and appreciating the little pleasures in life is the key to happiness.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. You offer great advice about taking time out of the day to really reflect and enjoy what you have. And I just need to know what kind of gas mileage does a car that runs on curses and prayers get?

  3. Mr. Shife--It gets about twenty-nine curses to the mile! (The prayer just keeps it running.)