Sunday, February 8, 2009

Son Number One

I have four children. Three are boys.

My oldest boy (and child) is B-wreck. He's (dare I say it?) 31 years old. A cook at a popular tourist type restaurant in a fabulous area of Oregon. B was born a girl magnet. Before he was even in school, little girls were leaving notes... hearts drawn on paper and wonderful kid crazy letters that can't follow a straight line. He was the most beautiful baby child in the world. Blonde head, green eyes and a dimple in one cheek. An angel of a child that could be taken anywhere and he would steal the show. B is a terrible ham. He can be loud. But he is exuberant, and has such a huge heart! He has a marvelous ability to transfer that exuberance to others. He and brother Max, are creating a comic book with the assistance of friend, Handsome Randy and cousin, Jason. The boys... my three and Jason for that matter, all get together where Jason and B live and hook up X-boxes for all night battle sessions. My boys are close. If a zombie attack ever comes... I am well protected!

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