Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rescue me

If you drop in here, you know by now that I work in a school. I get up every morning and come down to my building to walk. I walk the wings and into the gym... around and around. You get it. I do this because few weirdos have keys to this place. Because it is safe, warm and well lit... though I did manage to trip over the bleachers and end up with my head and one arm in a gratefully almost empty garbage can one morning. It could have been worse. No injury, just a feeling of stupidity.

This morning I did another studpid thing. I should be used to them by now... sigh. I walked in, hung my purse with my building key on the door of my library and strode toward the gym. At the end of the main hall are a set of double doors with big shiny deadbolts. Yes, you are clever enough to see where this is going. Just as the doors swung shut behind me, I realized my error... I ALWAYS prop one of these open to be sure that I can get back into the main hall.

End result is that I am stranded on this side of the double doors. If I go outside, I have no key to get back into the building. Because I walk at an ungodly hour... no one I know is up who has a key and will trouble themselves to come down and help me out. Shoot, 90% of the folk who work here live in another town to the east or west. They are not going to drive 45 miles to let me get to my purse.

So make lemonaide right? I walked anyway. My laps were much smaller, but it's just putting one foot in front of the other right? I even walked an extra 15 minutes to kill time. Eventually I discovered that I could get into one of the room where I can get on computer... and use a phone. Cool beans! So I waited to call until 7:30 a.m. I am now waiting for rescue. The person I am counting on is not exactly a cheerful morning type, so wish me luck. She may decide to wait until she is good and ready. Frankly, I cannot blame her. Beggars cannot be choosey and all that.

Really, where have I got to go anyway? HOme to shower would be so very nice. Though I suppose if I got desperate enough there are scary gang showers here. Think I'll pass on that. I like my bathroom. Missing it. Well, wish me luck!


  1. Yikes! I hope somebody springs you soon.

  2. Thanks cube. I have been rescued now. Am squeaky clean and feeling much better. It really was a helpless feeling... looking in that tiny window with the security glass at my sweatshirt, purse and keys not 20 feet away. I will not make that mistake again soon. Hopefully. I know better than to say I'll never do it.

  3. Thanks guys. Today went much better. No stupidities,

  4. This sounds like exactly the sort of thing I'd do!