Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Waiting for Hal 9000 and Muttering

Still waiting on my new computer. The whiz kid is ill with the current crud. I'd like to be pushy but he promised to be well tomorrow so that he can finish. Actually he is promising to be well tomorrow to go on a field trip to the warehouse. He's in a program where they learn how to do things with computers and they go to this warehouse where they recycle computers and get great stuff in exchange. Until then I cannot do a whole lot. I am using the family computer in the living room that is constantly occupied by this boy or that boy. Openings tend to happen at inconvenient times.

Did get the camera and have been learning how to use it. I am not a photographer. We'll see how that goes. Squeaky says he will show me how to move photos to my blog. Yeah.

Max saw A Boy and His Dog last night. He says this is a seriously screwed up movie. Max is unflappable as a general rule, so that says a good deal. I had forgotten about it. I saw it way back in the early 70s. It was a book too, but I do not recall who wrote it. Perhaps I'll look that up. The sort of movie you walk out of in a daze. Here is my caution : The sexual aspect of this movie is skewed and will offend some folk. Choke is another one that is out there, but to a much lesser degree. Chuck Palahniuk is like that. He wrote Fight Club for those who are familiar with Tyler Durden. He deals with human frailties that are on the unusual side. He really should be on my list of favorite authors too.


  1. i loved a boy and his dog. it might be one of most socially redeeming movies ever make ;)

  2. this not surprise me in the least. you and Mr. Shife came to mind as soon as the subject came up.
    not your everyday movie.

    So have you read any Palahniuk?

  3. "A Boy and his Dog" is from way before Don Johnson was a star in "Miami Vice". I saw it in college.

  4. Sadly dmarks, I know that this is true. I also saw it in college. I was really into film when dirt was young. Every see EL Topo by Alexander Jodorovski? Now that was another one that was way out there!

  5. I was not a photographer when I started blogging, but felt like I needed photos on it so I took it up. I'm learning as I go, but it's fun.

  6. Good to hear Citizen! While I wait for Hal 9000, I am snapping away. I figure if nothing else, I will accidently snap something worth using. Ha. Thanks for the encouragement.