Sunday, February 8, 2009

The One and Only Number Two Girl Child

This one we will call Bear. I have not asked yet if she wants her name in here or not. When she was born, her older brother used to shush the neighbor kids outside at play and tell them that his "Bear" was sleeping. These too have a wonderful relationship and love each other so much! They live together currently. Sharing a house with her handsome love, Mr. P, his brother Tee, and cousin Jason. Big house, lots of rooms and 3 bathrooms. Bear and Mr. P have a fabulous son, my precious little Mikey.

What can I say about Bear? She is my best friend now that she is 25, a mom of a nearly 2 year old and no longer in need of mothering. She is beautiful. Yes, that is actual truth. She is also the meanest and scariest of my children according to her brothers... who respect her utterly and have the good sense not to piss her off. Never bait the Bear. They love her that much and then some too...I pity anyone who would try and cause her harm.

Bear is very artistic. She writes poetry. She paints. Draws. When she gets time with baby Mikey and his demands... babies are tyrants. She and Mr. P are very happy and in love. Engaged. Mr. P is a sober alcoholic... nearly 3 years. He is much adored and respected for his sobriety by our family. We are proud to have him as a family member. They do not eat beef. Mr. P was in a very cool punk band that is on a real label. I love their music. They are my family. I am so full of love for them!

Bear is dark like me. Did I say enough times that she is beautiful? I'm not sure that I can stress that enough. All my children are good looking. I don't know how that happened. When you look at the parents involved, you would think they would look like some awful combo you'd see on Conan O'Brian. Thank goodness for good looking ancestors, I guess.

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  1. Hi,and thanks for the visit. New blog! I just did a little reading back through. I think I wrote with only family occassionally commenting for many months before some stranager stumbled on my blog and suddenly my whole world changed. I had no idea before that what was out there in the blog world. So hang in there, I think you'll find it really rewarding!