Sunday, March 1, 2009


Okay, the Hal 9000 is still on hold, though Squeaky is on his feet again and back to making sounds. I overheard him telling his friend online "Well, think how much you hate your mom and multiply that by ten... that's how I feel about my dad and my mom... let's say I'm two hugs away from going postal!"
So the new Hal line should be launched soon. He made some other computers for his older brothers and called that line the Bates 5000... for those of you who follow The Onion News or who have seen The Onion Movie, that's the computer that was out of date before the guy who ordered it could get it out of the box... the Bates 2000, 2001. etc. This led me to check out The Onion this morning again. Still funny stuff. If you haven't been there, give it a shot.

Here are my questions:

1. How do you find stuff for your blogs?
2. How do you know what is okay to borrow for your blog and what isn't? Are there rules?
3. Is there some in-service or class out there somewhere? And please don't let it be a community ed thing! (We in education take education way too seriously!)


  1. Our computer's name is Hal too. It's just too good a name to resist despite it being a tad derivative.

    I find stuff for my blog everywhere and anywhere. The only rule I follow is that there are no rules.

    As far as borrowing, it's perfectly OK to do so, as long as you attribute the source.

    And everything I've learned about blogging I've learned by blogging. Some knowledge came easy and some came the hard way.

  2. Most helpful! Yes, Hal is a wonderful computer name. I'm feeling pretty insecure about my blogging so far... know that it needs help. This will help. Thanks Cube!

  3. Cube is right - as long as you acknowledge where you got it, with a link back if it's another blog, you're fine. In fact, I always think it's very flatterig when someone says, "I found this on Citizen's blog." Very cool.

    I blog my life, mostly, so that's where I find where I find my stuff. But sometimes I hit on a social or poltical issue or soem strange thing I've encountered. It's all a mystery in a way - posts just form themselves in my head.

  4. As a baseline, I could do TV show and "Star Trek" comments and old postcards until the cows come home. I have to try to post on other things. It's very easy to do "this celebrity is dead" posts, but I don't want my blog to become an obit blog.

    I agree with Citizen.

    Does the Bates computer have anything to do with Gill Bates?

  5. dmarks--LOL! Do you know if you google Gill Bates that there are tons of things? Yeah, you likely do.