Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crud hits home

Everyone now has the crud.

We are in varying phases. Squeaky is about done with it. Max just has the residual cough left. The boy's dad is in the ague phase and I'm at the tickle and ache phase.

Oh what fun. I had hoped to miss this. I still may be better off than the others if I can shake it. (She says hopefully...). So we are back to soup night. This time out of a can. Food does not even sound good and I sure don't have the energy to cook for real.

So, in light of this crud, I am going to post some photos and at least give you something to look at.

Sorry, no bon mots. Heck, no brain cells!

I'm going to take my Tosevites, their mud ball and invading lizards and go to my favorite chair and ottoman, where I will wrap myself in my blanket over my awful way too big sweats and doze off and on and dream of that reality.

Oh... The middle photo is my Mikey... turns 2 on the 7th. Grandma's sweetie. The one on the left is of a spring gone berserk. The one on the right is my river... way in back is an island that is off limits as a respected burial place... or so I've been told.

Let's hope for a better day tomorrow after a good rest and canned, low sodium, no fat, no flavor soup. The silver lining is that I always drop weight when I get sick. Bonus! ;)


  1. I'm sorry you feel cruddy. Just keep up your fluid intake, get plenty of rest, and this will pass. Don't forge the Nyquil. It's good stuff.

  2. BTW your grandbaby is a cutie pie.

  3. glad to see that you're striking a balance.

  4. Cube and billy-- Thanks. I foolishly went to work today (on a break). I do appreciate the sympathy.
    Cube, you reminded me that I have to try Mr. Shife's Nyquil on the rocks tonight when I get home. (giggle)
    billy, I feel more wobbly than balanced. :)

  5. Aw, sweet baby. I hope you get better soon. I got tired of getting sick every other week, so I finally bought some Zicam. When my Stinky girl got sick again this week, I started making sure I took some every day. So far so good.

  6. Churlita--I will have to try that. Thanks for the sympathy too... that always helps. I am a big baby.

    presidentbarryo and Loves to Debate-- Welcome!

  7. Careful with the Zicam. I've heard reports that it messes with your sense of smell. If true, that might wreak havoc at Churlita's house ;-)