Monday, March 9, 2009


yuck. morning sucked. woke up to snowing squishy flakes that slimed me at 5:20 a.m. on my way to walk. flopped around all night... tired because of time change. didn't lose a pound and that pisses me off. I work hard at that!

then boss called me into his office. dread... aaaa... doom. but he was really nice to me. I got an excellent/exceeds expectations on my yearly review. phew! he told me that I have a fan club going of teachers who think I'm the bees knees. he also assured me that no matter what happens with the school, that as many hours a day that we are open, my library will be open. that is what he wants... and that I must keep doing what I do so well...ohthankyougod!

which brings this to mind. when you work with kids, you have to be a bit of a kid yourself. this week I' still reading Irish fairy tales and using my best... which is pretty sad really... Irish accent. silly and fun. stories I love, love, love. Today was a story about a pooka.

at least I won't make any kids cry like I did when I read stories about Martin Luthor King Jr. I felt so bad about that! I broke a 4th grader!

oooh it's probation officer night and fun group therapy meeting for the boy's dad in the town to the left tonight. my least favorite evening of the week. I get to sit in the car and wait for about 3 hours total. i can't wait to be quit of this junk! i feel like i'm on probation too. pisses me off big time.

i hate mondays. remember the Boomtown Rat's "I Don't Like Mondays?"

but at least my work day ended well.

Do have a wonderful evening and do something surprising and fun for someone you love! it will make you feel great too. i shall take my own advice and cheer myself up that way.


  1. Mr Yuck is mean, Mr Yuck is green.

  2. I love that song.

    But hey, how could a day be bad when you find out you're the bee's knees?

  3. Getting a glowing report from your boss is always a high-inducing experience. It should last you for a while.

    BTW how in the world can you stand sitting in a car for 3 hours? I'd go stir crazy.

  4. Cube-- I hate it. Use my MP3 player and read. I sit in a grocery store parking lot. Boooooorrrrriiiinnnng.

    billy-- the boy's dad is on probation. he can't drive, so I do it. We are seperated but he is at my house all the time... for the boys.
    we're more like rock 'em sock 'em robots.

  5. That's verbal rock 'em - sock 'em robots. My pride would never allow a man to actually hit me and me still have anything to do with him. And he's not that sort either. I'll give him that.

  6. Isn't there a coffee shop anywhere near there where you could at least hang out? That does seem like you're on probation too and you haven't done anything wrong.

  7. I do that sometimes, but I find that when I go to a coffee shop or some other eatery, I end up eating because I am bored. That is not something that I can afford to do. Pounds love me like a fat kid loves cake. But thanks for the suggestion. As soon as it becomes lighter in the evenings, I can go down and walk along the river, which I love and then it's not so bad. It's this darned winter!

  8. I happen to really like the Irish accent! Yes, I have to do something really nice for someone today, or better still how about I send this post to my someone and hint that he should do something nice for someone. (hint hint person= me, and thing = cook dinner!)

  9. SSQuo-- Yes, that will work too. What agoes around comes around back to you...Enjoy! ha