Monday, March 2, 2009


I am not even sure if this is going to work or not. My blog seems to be ill. It keeps telling me to try later, unable to load my blog now. So why do I think this post might make it? I don't. I'm just giving it a shot.

The Hal 9000 is loading it's programs now. I'm on the family Dell. Squeaky made me load my stuff myself. Said I need to learn how to build computers. Nice he has faith that I can, but geeze... we shall see how this works out. He even made me install a CD drive. A cruel master, this boy. I am by nature technically terminal. I can kill a sewing machine by walking past it... and yes, I duct tape, not sew.

So wish me luck. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow and beginning to do better things.


  1. I can't explain your error message, but you were able to post so it may have been a temporary glitch. You know, a stray electron zigs instead of zags and everything gets hung up.

    I duct tape too ;-)

  2. Well good luck with the build, and I enjoyed your comment about killing a sewing machine by just walking by it. Very funny. And I definitely duct tape. No sewing for me.