Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday was a nice day. The Bear and baby Mickey came to town for breakfast. Squeaky and their dad accompanied us and it made for a noisy and somewhat messy meal, but happy. After we dumped the guys off, Bear and I took baby for a ride. The day was lovely, skys blue and the sun fell in rays through the forest trees. It's a great time of year here with the green buds starting to show on the sleeper trees. I'm watching for Trillium to spring up but have not found one yet. Took baby to the park. Can't wait to hunt for shells with him at the beach.

I got up and walked this morning for the first time in several days. Took my red nose, box of tissues and beat feet to the sounds of Gutter Mouth. Did great until it was over and I was back in my car where I attempted to hurl a lung. I survived and it wasn't as bad as it has been. I am on the mend. Walking makes me feel good. Nice to be back at it.

I am still mulling over the last Battlestar Galactica. Maybe it's the mom in me that screams... Noooo you can't get rid of the technology! What if a baby is born with type one diabetes? What happens if measles make a come back? Who knows what germs lay dormant there? It's not the technology that created wars and the need to dominate. That is human nature and all this means is that you'll have to start creating weapons from scratch again. Back to hacking up folk with broadswords... though much more entertaining to watch, if you ask me... not a good choice.
And really, I do not want to live in a world without running water, toilets and proper showers. Those things will take time to develope. But perhaps I misunderstood.... what do you get out of the end? Did you agree with it? What did I miss that was important?

Hey, have a wonderful Sunday. I hope that yours is restful and fulfilling in some way that delights you.


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  2. It's kind of a different approach to the whole problem of "superior technology meets primitives" problem that Star Trek dealt with by creating the "Prime Directive". Only in the BSG version, the solution is to ditch all the tech.

  3. atvar would have handled things a little better than adama.

    the only thing i liked about the ending was baltar turning out to be an angel. baltar was the best villain on tv for a few months.

  4. I had to google Atvar.... I see, from some of the few Harry Turtledove's I've actually not read yet.

    What happened to Brother Cavil? I turned my head, and he was gone. I missed something.

  5. dmarks-- Brother Cavil blew himself away... and me at the same time! Very unexpected and actually my favorite part because it was so unexpected. It was like he decided that it was over, so blam!

    billy--Baltar has been my favorite character for a long time now. I was not sure if he was angel or god... but yes, it was a good and fitting way to deal with the end for him.

    So I am not alone in sitting stunned at the end and not being satisfied. I'm not completely unsatisfied, but it did not ring "true" with me.

    Atvar is no nonsense! Guess it's that cold blood. ;-)

  6. God to hear you are moving pastthe crud that had gotten you down. Just in time for Spring.

  7. Citizen-- Yes and your good news lifts my spirits even higher. So very glad!

  8. Michael-- Welcome to Oodles of Funch!

  9. David-- It's now Monday here as well. Thank you for stopping in. My blog is pretty young and small, not amazing like yours, but I am thrilled to have you stop in. Welcome sir!

  10. i recorded it while i was watching it. i'm going to watch it again so i can absord the nuances.
    on friday i focusing on the outcome.

  11. The BSG finale was replayed twice so I figured I didn't need to DVR it. Big mistake. I fell asleep during the first one, woke up and watched almost exactly to the same point in the repeat before I fell asleep again!!!!!!

    I'm so mad, I could kick myself.

    I'll have to find it online now...


  12. Once again, I love your photos. I really miss mountains and forests.

  13. Churlita-- Thank you. Soon I will have Northwest coast photos for you too.

    Cube-- That's awful!

    billy pilgrim-- Good idea. I think I was watching emotionally rather than thoughtfully... dreading the end and having expectations. Did you read the Times review (dmarks had it in his blog)? It had a variety of views that were interesting.