Sunday, March 15, 2009


Minus 5 and K.M.R.I.A. were awesome!

It's very late... long drive home, exhausted and happy.

My feet are going to be puffy tomorrow and I may break my rule of never missing a day of walking. But we hopped, we danced, we clapped and sang.

The ballroom is a historic building that has a special floating dance floor that is amazing. It moves with the people, so even if you are not dancing, it's moving and so are you. Reminds me of that old Bad Company song... Thirty Days in the Hole (takes a breezy whore and a rolling dance floor...).

Anyway, great time. Stupidly left my camera charging on the kitchen counter. That was upsetting. But it's in my head forever. I'm glad that we went.

I did get lost on the way there. This is common practice for me. I can always find my way home, but getting anywhere by map... forget it. Some guy with a heavy accent in a Squishy Mart told me how to get there and saved the day.

Was glad to see that there were others in my age category and not just spring chicks. Lots of Irish! Lots of kilts. Lots of booze everywhere. Boy my head is going to be slow tomorrow. I'll post late and try to make more sense then.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Now get some sleep.

  2. Churlita--I agree! Guys in kilts are way hot. They certainly know they're guys and are comfortable that way without question.