Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking Squeaky Away

It's now Monday here. The Bear is coming today to help me take Squeaky away. He and his geek freak friend, L spend all holidays and vacation time bouncing back and forth between our homes. This year I get Spring Break to myself and he goes to L's house.

L's family moves a lot. Every time I take him there they have just moved or move while he is there. So it's always a map quest adventure. I've mentioned before that I can get lost anywhere on my way to a new location... but once I have been there, it is etched in stone in my head and I can find my way home and back again with ease.

You might think that because of this the Bear has taken pity on me and come to the rescue of poor old get lost mom. Nope. She worked her last day on Friday. She is going back to college to become a nurse and has some time off before her classes begin. (I am so proud of her!) She's bored. She has a nice new car to drive and I am glad to ride in it. It will also help sedate Squeaky who firmly believes that we will never be un-lost once I get lost. I will be glad too to see my precious baby Mikey, who has not yet figured out that there might be something better on earth than grandma.

I know that I talk about my boys all the time, because they are so often with me. I don't mention the Bear that often. She lives in the town to the left. We will hang out there tonight while her dad does his meeting thing. It's not always parking lots, though I love the reading time... especially now that the lizards have attacked and the Tosevites are just getting it together. She is a big part of my life too and sometimes when I use the term "boys" she is lumped in there too. Like the boys say... she is the toughest and the meanest among us. I know, girls are not supposed to be that way, but she is also the funniest and most energetic.

This is the girl who, after clothing shopping, sat in the back seat with her new panties on her head and waved to the cars that passed us by( in middle school). She was the homerun queen in softball. Also the girl that mom had to leave work to go to a local bad place where mom had to storm the house to physically drag her out. For a time in high school she was deeply depressed. We have gone rounds. There was a time when I was scared silly that I would lose her to alcohol abuse. My boys have been saints in comparison. She was not an easy child. My hair shines with silver from this girl! As difficult as she was, I love her a bazillion times more.

Here is the wonderful part. She got through it, even the humilation of biserker mom. I could not be happier with who she has become. Life is an evolution for each of us. As long as the evolution moves in a positive direction, we are doing well. Today will be a fun day that I am sure will involve Chinese food from Fortuna... the best place ever. We will laugh ourselves silly and baby will entertain us. A good segue to our coast trip tomorrow.

It is a good day for being thankful for family and friends. Hard work sometimes but pure joy!


  1. When you have kids, no one guarantees that it's all going to be smooth sailing. Still, wouldn't trade it for the world.

  2. Citizen-- You have that right. They are my heart and soul, my reason to be and well worth the fight. We are all close and I thank God daily that this is so and forever will be so. :)

  3. Yeah, my kids were the best thing I ever did and Mr. Cube feels the same way.

    As far as your wonderful day goes, well I'm glad someone is having fun because I'm not. I'm working on collating the tax info for my accountant and it is something that makes me miserable. I know I shouldn't complain about something so innocuous, but it makes me want to pull my hair out of my head.

  4. Cube-- I hate doing taxes. It's an exercise in mental distress. I am this very minute heading out the door for the beach... I'll send you ocean breezes and sandy thoughts.

    All-- We did get lost yesterday, so I got to hear Squeaky moan "Oh no, we're having an adventure." one last time. The Bear announced that she has the getting lost gene too and just when we were about to give up, we saw that the place we had chosen to turn around several times to double back was about 4 houses from our address... and L and his mom were standing out front waving their arms at us. We all laughed until we had tears when L's mom said "What the hell were you doing? You've come and gone six times at least."

  5. Inhale some nice beach air for me :-P

  6. it sounds like you and bear are experiencing the lost sheep parable.

    so you got that going for you too, which is nice.

  7. I'm glad to hear it gets better. My girls are pretty good for teens, but we definitely had our moments.

  8. What a great post Ananda. Sounds like you have a wonderful family. I so look forward to experiencing the joys of parenthood. I know it won't be an easy road like you mentioned but in the end it will be the most rewarding experience ever. Hope you are enjoying your break and time with your family.

  9. Cube-- I sent those breezes, hope you got them!

    billy pilgrim-- :) Yes! Feels great when it turns out right, you know.

    Churlita-- Yes, it gets better and better.

    Mr. Shife-- Your baby will be a breeze! I had four of these to get one scary challenge, but even that one was a great huge blessing. And in the end what is important is that she cared enough about what I thought to listen. She has made me very proud.

    Hey, stellar news... we're going to have another grand-baby! August 7th. Cool beans!