Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/aprilfool/ If you didn't check it out before, check this out today. Funny stuff.

I am no good at pranks. I get to laughing and give it away. So I won't be pulling any. I do my part for April Fool's by being gullible and the perfect victim. Someone always gets me. But then, I work in a school... prank central on this day. Many of the pranks are so lame they make you laugh, but that's because the perps are only 6 or 7 years old... and only a truly evil person does not laugh at a child's attempt at wit. I'll let you know what they do to me after it happens.

Today is my last Irish day for the season. I celebrated this time with my new Flogging Molly and Pogues CDs... bless you again, cousin J. Tomorrow all the Irish history, fairy tales and legends come off of the bulletin board. Time for something sappy and cute. This month we are doing "farms" as our theme. It's in concert with the music teacher's deal. (Oooh, a pun!) I think I'll have the kids design cows... that is give them blank white cow shapes and they can color them however. We get cows who look like clouds, space, spiderwebs, etc. :-)

Today was made much brighter by the arrival of the 2009 Shife model. I love babies. They smell so good and are so great to cuddle. Sigh... I am very happy for them. Many blessings are sent that way.

Sadly we lost a friend late yesterday... but I only found out about it today. He was a very kind and lovely man. My heart aches for his family.

Then I saw a friend in the town to the left who showed me photos of her new grand baby... the son of a soldier that used to be one of my students. What an adorable child! That lightened my heart again.

I decided that it's time to go see a priest. I thought I'd start with "It's been a bazillion years since my last confession..." and hope that he has a sense of humor. If not, I'm a gonner anyway. I've got a bazillion years of sins backed up. I remember them all and will have to force myself not to smile as I recite them. What is the point of being ashamed of what we have done willingly? Okay, there are a couple that I'm not proud of, there's always a few of those. But most sins were fun in the committing. Why else would I sin?

This is life. The good, the wonderful and the woeful. A bit of wicked here and there. People coming and going. It's been a strange day. The end of March always makes me a tad sad. I don't know why.

Dmarks asked us about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb... which it was doing at the start of the month. Today the weather was as strange as the day... rain from mist to pouring and the end of the day cloudless and sunny... but the winds in the gorge were wicked.
I guess I'd have to say that judging by the sunshine and the wind... it left like a lamb with attitude. It made me feel good anyway. Even the wind makes my heart race a bit. Alive!

Today I wish for you all to have your March go out like a lamb. I hope that any pranks played on you tomorrow will be kind in nature and fun to experience, not hurtful. Please feel free to share any pranks past, future or present you have to offer. I love to laugh at stuff like that.


  1. I've nevr gven much thought to how the end of March makes me feel, but I always find the beginning of April hopeful (even if it is raining like crzy right now!).

  2. I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt so March went out like a lamb here. I don't remember how it came in.

  3. Citizen-- I'm funny that way. But I agree, April tends to be a hopeful time.

    Cube-- Oh to be you! I'd love to be there now. I am freezing!

  4. Here March went out like a lion. It was freezing and windy and even snowed. I say, good riddance to stupid March.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

  5. Churlita-- Thanks.
    Yeah, I won't be missing the cold either, if the warm ever gets here. Agh. Here it is pouring a cold rain. Not exactly the type of April showers I was thinking of. :-(