Friday, March 13, 2009


What a charmed day!

I get to work and find that one of my co-workers has left me a chocolate orange... you know they come in a gold wrapper and you slam them and they break into orange slices.

I find Jason the cat on Cat Blog Friday and print him out... the high school kids made copies and Jason floated all over the school today, delighting all who had the good luck to see him.

Lunch was great, shared with three teachers that I like very much. We got to talking about SNL's version of Jeopardy and could not stop laughing over the phrase "Ummm... what's light urple?"

Shared the chocolate orange with the high school English class to keep myself from eating it and because I love to give people things. (You know giving is the gift the giver gives to herself. )

Went to the market where two of my ex-students who are roommates paid for our fix-ins to make corned beef and cabbage if I would make them a batch too... and so the briskets are a-boil as I type. Such a deal!

I got home and found my book that I have been eagerly awaiting had arrived along with a small pot of yellow primroses. UPS guy grows them in a greenhouse. I left him a baggie of Giant Texas Red Hots. He stops here a lot. I love to order stuff.

If that is not a charmed day, I do not know what is. I am full of happy. Hope you all are too.


  1. I'm glad to see that my Jason Voorhees cat was the hit of your school. See, this is why I blog.

  2. Oh he was and I intend to use him with each of our Friday the 13ths. Everyone loved him... adults too.

  3. I love those chocolate oranges. Now you've forced me to go get some choclate out of the pantry.

  4. Citizen-- OOOps. Sorry, That's why I shared mine... I try really hard to avoid chocolate. They had me give up smokes, sugar, and fat. I'm keeping the morning mocha! :)