Saturday, March 7, 2009

Okay... you tell me... how to you say this name? Ha.

Weird day today. My daughter and grandson came to kidnap grandma and take me away to the big city. We ate out, but nothing special. Just diner fare. Though I did snap this sign when it made me laugh. We took boy to run around the park and chase geese. Have to be careful about that, geese can be mean, but he's pretty slow.

Tomorrow Swell and I are going in to town to a place called Edgefield. It used to the the poor house/ farm commune in days gone by. It was totally self sufficient. There is a pub in what used to be the power station that has a theater that is so cool. I'll get photos. It has all sorts of great stuff including vineyards, it's own brew pub (in the power station) , gourmet restaurant, a glass blower to watch, all sorts of art work here and there or in the display area in the main building, herb and flower gardens that are amazing. The music is live and very fun variety. They are having a CRACKED POTS UnGARDEN ART SHOW
Featuring artwork from over 20 artists, made from recycled materials!
Held in tandem with the Grand Lodge's 87th Birthday Celebration!
Artwork exhibit
Grand Lodge .

I guess you can actually go to the link and check it out with their photos... undoubtedly way better than any I will take, but I will snap some. Please have a wonderful night and enjoy every moment you can.


  1. hahahahahhahahhaha! I love it! At the risk of sounding like Big Gay Al... thanks for sharing!

  2. lol. I wouldn't want to work at either place.

  3. I don't think I'd want to buy a home from them either! ha

  4. I've mentioned elsewhere the "Public Hair" hair salon in East Lansing. The big sign on the side of the building was outside the 2nd floor. However, it was right above the roof of a tiny photomat-sized ATM booth. Drunk college pranksters had an easy time, frequently crawling on top of the ATM booth at night and covering over the "L" in "Public".

  5. That's funny.

    We lived half a block away from the "LDS Institute and Reading Room" (Latter Day Saints) who made the mistake of using a metal sign with letters that bolted on from the back. Yes, we regularly switched the letters so that it said "LSD Institute and Reading Room" until they ruined our fun by having the letters welded in place.

  6. The legacies of Timothy Leary and Brigham Young.... united at last.

    "Sir, is that really 23 wives I see with you, or is that just a hallucination?"