Wednesday, March 11, 2009


(The robot in back is me.)

Working in a library I am obviously into books. It’s a job that I truly love and I’m one of the few people I know who hop out of bed happy that it’s time to get ready for work. I do my walking first, which I do where I work. Sometimes I think that I really live where I work and the rest is me hanging out where my family lives until I can go home each morning.

Because I am into books, I read all the time. I may have as many as five books going at once. Sounds like a lot, but I read books that my students read to be sure the content is acceptable and because I believe that you cannot suggest a book to a student that you have not read. They have questions. They will catch you if you lie. And I can tell if they have read a book they claim to have read… I have my own questions. These are fast, easy reads for me. I eat a middle school book in an evening. Three days tops on a typical high school level book. I always have one school book going at all times.

I have a “car” book. Currently my car book is Firebirds Soaring; An Anthology of Original Speculative Fiction edited by Sharyn November. (I love her name!) I find that anthologies are good car books for spur of the moment reading when you get stuck somewhere. But I also have a few spare books in the car… these are generally books that I have read before and can pick up and re-read in a heartbeat, just because I like them. Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.and The Life of Pi by Yann Martelare in my “way-back” (The hatch back area of the clown car I drive… not be confused with the “way-back machine” used by Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman… though I’d really like to have one of those too.). But I don’t really count the way-back books.

I am currently reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, which I will give a mini talk about at my next librarian’s meeting. Very cool book that makes you glad you are human and that other people are too. It doubles as my non-fiction book for the time being. I try to keep a non-fiction book going at all times. Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur by Halin Lewis, was my last one before this… wow, very heavy book that breaks your heart. Such abuse. Crushing.

I just ordered An Alternate History of the Second World War by Harry Turtledove on suggestion (thank you billy pilgrim!) and am very anxious to get into it. Time for reading for fun! I can use a break from reality. Altered reality is very good for me… altering mine or reading about someone else’s. Ha.

I have recently closed the covers of Bird by Rita Murphy… a good middle school book fantasy, also recently closed is the entire (to date) “Dexter the serial killer”books by Jeff Lindsay… and they were very fun stuffs. He has an unusual dark humor that is lovely. I also finished the Southern Vampire Mysteries 1-4 by Charlaine Harris, about Sookie Stackhouse HBO has that series going under the name True Blood. There is more there that I can mine yet. But it was time for change.

I hope you read. I hope words fill you to the brim and spill over into your thoughts and life until they run down the gutter of your remembering places and fill your dreams. Mine do and they make me very happy :)

>,)))*> ><)))*> Do you have a travel book dmarks? ><)))*> ><)))*>


  1. I'm sorry, I am totally distractd by those incredibly cute robots. I want one.

  2. Yeah... my post a comment is back! I am elated.

    Citizen--I can send you two, but it's only this photo. But hey, glad I could distract you!

  3. A travel book? I left my ebook reader at home this time and took a stack of movies. True bibliophiles must cringe! I am reading a book about the Alamo at this time.

    Cute widdle wobots.

    -dmarks (the comment-as won't let me sign in)

  4. dmarks-- I do not know what was going on with Oodles of Funch last night. It went totally FUBAR and wouldn't let me post a comment either. I near trashed it out of frustration.

    Nor is this the first time it's done the you can't comment thing. Both Citizen and Mr. Shife have had trouble posting.

    I wish I had an ebook reader! Perhaps next tax-mas. But really, I imagine there is much to do and see when you travel anyway. I am enjoying your photos and the posts folk leave you.

    The robots are great. I used to have a wind-up toy collection that they would have been perfect for, but alas, children loved my toys to death. I began to lose them. I sold what was left in a yard sale when I came up north. Maybe I'll begin a new collection of wind-ups. That was fun.

    The Alamo... yes, I remember it. ha

  5. I've been into robots all my life. I always wanted a robot friend who would do my least favorite chores without complaint.

    I've also been into books all my life. I have a house full, yet I know it will never be enough.

    BTW I thought I was the only one who had multiple books going at the same time. It's good to know there are kindred bibliophiles out there.

  6. I don't read as many novels as I used to now that I read so many blogs. I'm slowly reading a Zadie Smith book - White Teeth.

  7. I regret to say that I don't enjoy reading so much now that I am getting older. I think that it is the opposite for most people, that they used to go out and do things when they were younger and now they stay home and read. But I have always read, but now my eyes bother me, so I don't read as much. My house is still filled with books that I don't really want to get rid of even though I'm fairly certain that at this point I will not read them again.

  8. Laughingattheslut--I had an eye scare awhile back and really feared losing my books, but it was only a side affect from diabetes that was cleared up with my medication. Phew!

    All you bibliophiles-- yep, there are tons of us out there! I am always open for suggestions on titles and authors.

    All-- thank so much for dropping in!

  9. Cube-- I too long for that robot friend. My boys are crappy substitutes. They gripe too much.

  10. imagine a race of aliens that visits earth a few hundred years ago and figures this lousy planet will be easy to conquer. they return a few centuries later and surprise surprise, the earthlings have substantially better armaments.

    let the fun begin!

  11. billy pilgrim: Our present armaments are still no match for a race that has conquered interstellar travel. Comparatively, we would be only minutely more troublesome than we
    were several hundred years ago. But then, that is the beauty of science fiction; speculation is half the fun.