Thursday, March 12, 2009

Changed my mind... here is something better...

A few nights ago we came home from the town to the left, by a less traveled road.

There used to be a tiny town here. But little by little a group known as the Friends of the Gorge, who do not live here, began to buy up everything. Their goal was to return the old growth forested areas to the forest. One lone home still remains, a hold out against the "Friends".

This small graveyard is one of the other few things remaining. Fortunately for those here, the Friends have not tried to move them anywhere. It is hard to tell from the photo, though if you click on it, it does get bigger, but this is a sweet and private place of peace. I like to stop here. I like to leave flowers and to pick up trash that tourist leave behind.

The other photo, the one on the left, is the road home. I can't tell yet what it looks like on the blog, but I can tell you that this photo looks like how I feel about my home... it is the light at the end.
A good place to be.

I did not care for the post I did earlier. So I removed it. I think only Citizen read it so far. It was about an odd portion of my life that I decided was best left more private. Not because it was terrible but because it would require too much explanation to clarify.

Anyway... apologies if you read it and now wonder-what-the-heck? I'll still answer any questions you may have had about it. I'd rather that than confusion.

I hope your home is the light place at the end of your road. Good night.



  1. Around here, we've had the national park service try to kick people out of their homes for a long time. I don't see the problem with letting people live in areas like this. It's just a few homes, not highrises and subdivisions.

  2. I agree. The Friends are a group of wealthy people in the big city west of us. They think of our home as their personal property. They want to come here and bike, hike, fish, ski- jet, walk, etc. and have developed the silly idea that only they know what is good for the land without regard for those who really do live here and care very much about it. They make rules about what color you can have your house. What type of buildings can be built. They are a royal arrogance.

    I agree, these small places are fine where they are and best left alone.

    An interesting aside... here is where there was an internment camp for C.O. s in World War II. (Conscientious Objectors) All that remains as proof are concrete foundations mostly hidden by overgrown by vegitation... but also a rose garden that vanishes into the green around it most of the time. I will take pictures of it when they bloom. Its only then that you can see it was a garden once tended by men of peace.

  3. OK, now I'm curious and there's nothing more tenacious than a curious polyhedron. I guess I will have to grill Citizen mercilessly until she divulges everything she knows about this mystery post.


    Just teasing. Citizen and I aren't close. She won't tell me a thing.

    RE: your post... I really hate any interference by anyone regarding my home. I don't care how well intentioned it might be, I don't think any outsider has the right to interfere with my home.

  4. Cube-- thanks. It is so frustrating and you're right, they truly believe that they are guardians of our forest. But the road to hell is paved with you know what.

  5. I don't know what the old post was, but this one is beautiful. I love the road shot.