Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break is Over

Yesterday was a busy day dedicated to tying up loose ends for the vacation.
Bear and I went to get Squeaky and bring him home. This we did quickly and successfully... to the amazement of others involved in our delivery of the boy.
Then it was back home to leave him and head out for the town to the left. The baby needed a big boy hair cut. It was time. So we did that and he was so good we were not sure that he was not a foundling switched for our wiggly guy in the night by fairy folk. Now he's the little man!

After that it was Chinese food out and a quiet night at Bear's house. Watched the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards of all things... twice. YIKES. Doe it amaze anyone that Twilight won for best movie? Me neither.

Cousin J got me some CDs of more punk... Pogues, a rare Murphy I do not have and some Flogging Molly that I don't have. Yes, it's my Irish thing. Today I down load them into the MP3 for walking use. I am happy. It was a nice surprise. What a sweetie he is.

I got to do a little reading before bed, so my lizard saga continues to my great joy. It is my plan to devote hours to it today while I do my mountain of vacation laundry and prepare for going back to work like normal people. I'm missing my vacation already. I know, I know... what am I griping about? In a couple of short months I will be on a nearly 3 month vacation... complete with pay checks (because I have already worked for that pay by the time vacation comes, not because they pay me vacation pay). That is my prime reading time. I garden and read. Boy am I ready for that.

I am also starting to plan my trip to Germany next Tax-mas. Did I tell you about that? Well, a kid that grew up in my house as much as in his up the street... B-wreck's best friend... is stationed in Germany. He's a sergeant there with a wife and a couple of darling little girls. They have invited me to come and visit. He's going to take off two weeks while I am there and we will get in the van and see Germany and perhaps a few other close spots. I am so excited to be going somewhere outside of this continent. I know I have a ton of stuff to do... get a passport, shots, whatever. I have to find out exactly what and get on it.

I am ending my week exhausted in a good way. I hope that you are all feeling as content. Big smile.


  1. if there's a heaven, it has to have lizard sagas and a never ending loop shane mcgowan's poetry. i named my son after mr mcgowan, luckily he doesn't drink and still has all his teeth.

  2. My children were watching that. I had to leave the room - the whole slime thing grosses me out!

    Glad you had a good break.

  3. billy pilgrim-- I agree totally. I am so glad about your son's teeth! lol! I almost bought a shirt with dear Shane's image on it, teeth glowing in green on green. Wish I'd done it now. He's singing as I type. Big grin.

    Citizen-- Yuck, the slime thing does me in too. Mikey was on my lap, so I was a captive audience. I wish I had been able to escape. ha. Smart lady.

  4. Oooooh... dmarks, have you been there? What should I not miss?

  5. Bavaria. But that is all I have seen there. Will you go anywhere near it?

  6. dmarks-- I will ask John if we can. I don't know the agenda yet, but he said that he will take me anywhere I want to go. What do you recommend there? He calls every couple of weeks, so I will ask as soon as I can.

  7. That's so wonderful that you get to go Europe. I can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  8. Thanks Churlita! I can't wait to go... it's almost a year away yet, but I am ready to go now if I could.